Thailand Diving

Thailand diving draws many visitors to the shores of this beautiful destination, known for its scenic beaches and the many opportunities to spend time in the water. Even those travelers who arrived for some relaxing time on the sandy beaches often find themselves getting into the water for at least a snorkel, if not a lesson or two in scuba. Diving in Thailand has grown in popularity as a result of local experts who make it an especially rewarding activity. A bit of research regarding weather, seasons, and the best areas to dive will make your trip to Thailand a successful one.

If you want to scuba dive in Thailand, the weather must cooperate. There are two sides to Thailand and each experience different weather patterns. The Andaman Sea is to the west of Thailand and is known for its excellent diving. The Gulf of Thailand is to the east of the country, and this area is an option when the Andaman Sea is experiencing its rainy season. If you’re planning a trip for diving in Thailand, you should without doubt avoid the rainy season. From May through September heavy rainfall hits the Andaman Coast. During this time it is possible to dive on the other coast of Thailand, or if your heart is set on diving in the Andaman Sea, plan your trip between October and April.

If you are interested in Thailand diving between May and September, the best option on the Gulf of Thailand side is Koh Tao. Known for warm waters and clear visibility, Koh Tao diving is known as the best along this coast of Thailand. The best Thailand diving overall, however, is located on the Andaman Sea side of the country, such as near Koh Phi Phi and Phang Nga, and this is where diving enthusiasts typically plan their holidays. Phuket diving is especially popular, and the famous resort area is a good starting point for exploring this region. Don’t be intimidated if you don’t have any diving experience, as it is possible to take lessons and even be certified as a scuba diver during your visit to Thailand.

Phuket diving offers a variety of sights. Scuba tours can be arranged that will bring visitors to some of the best scenery around Phuket and farther along the coast as well. It is possible to see three or four dive spots in one day, and Thailand diving has many opportunities for packages as well. These packages often include a certain number of days or a certain number of dives, and they bring affordability to a sometimes-expensive hobby. Phuket diving is known for its options in dive schools, dive centers, and diving packages, making it a good choice for novice divers.

Independent travelers don’t need to hire a guide or tour company in order to go diving in Thailand. With a bit of research, many of the best diving sites can be located and are easily accessible. If you are confident in your swimming skills and would rather take an independent approach towards scuba, make your own arrangements to see the unforgettable marine life of Thailand. A great activity for families or couples, scuba diving allows visitors to see a whole different perspective of this beautiful country.

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