Hua Hin Thailand

Known as the country's oldest beach resort town, Hua Hin tops the list of travelers' weekend getaways from Thailand's bustling cities. It is located on the west coast of the Gulf of Thailand and is approximately 118 miles south of Bangkok. A vacation in Hua Hin is a perennially popular choice among Thais and foreigners, especially because of its cool atmosphere and the crystal-blue waters. The best time to visit the coastal city is between November and February, as it assures excellent sun-soaked beach weather.

Hua Hin Thailand is distinct from Samui and Phuket beaches. For more than 70 years, it has been revered as the most popular Thai beach resort and a lavish escapade. It evolved from a small fishing village to a resort town when King Prajadhipok (also known as King Rama VII) discovered its true tourism potential in the early 1920s. The resort was popular among the Thai royalty and the elite class. Today, Hua Hin Thailand is known as a tranquil and relaxing vacation spot for all travelers.

One of the key reasons to visit Hua Hin is the serene atmosphere provided by local Hua Hin beaches. The main beach stretches three miles from Hua Hin to Khao Takiab town. Compared with the beaches of Phuket, the main beach does not host any flashy celebrations and is a very quiet spot. However, you will find a very good Hua Hin beach resort hotel to have a peaceful and relaxing Thailand vacation. There are several resorts that offer excellent Thai and international delicacies.

Those who want more adventure than simply lounging in the sun will find excellent Hua Hin beaches south of the town center. One of them is the Khao Takiab beach, which is located three miles south of the town; you can feed monkeys dwelling on the top of a hill near the Takiab beachside. You can go farther south to have a nice dinner at seaside restaurants located in the Khao Tao beach. Situated about 12.5 miles (20 kilometers) south of Hua Hin, the beach is relatively deserted, yet you'll lip-smacking Thai food in the area. All these beaches can be accessed if you take a bus or a motorcycle taxi from the town roads.

Travelers who get bored with the same old things to do in Thailand will find something unique and different when touring Hua Hin. Activities such as kite-boarding, elephant and pony rides, martial arts, and go-karting can make your Hua Hin travel very engaging. Different varieties of water sports such as sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and jet-skiing are some of the key activities to look out for. There are also many spas and massage centers that offer complete traditional Thai healing arts, Reiki, and special detox programs to cleanse your body of toxins.

A good Hua Hin travel option is to get a train from Bangkok. However, you will find the trains coming at a slower pace, and so it may take up to five hours to reach the town center. Another alternative is using the bus service. You can take a bus from Bangkok's Sai Tai Mai terminal and reach the town center within four hours. There are no airline options, and so travelers opt for bus service to get to Hua Hin Thailand quickly.

When you visit Thailand, make sure you enjoy your tranquil moments at the different Hua Hin beaches. From tiny sand crabs to monkeys, who knows what you might encounter while lounging around any beach? You will also find several good resort hotels and restaurants offering great seafood. Hua Hin travel is one of the best options for travelers seeking to visit Thai beaches and take advantage of a soothing atmosphere.

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