Thailand Islands

The beautiful Thailand islands fulfill every vision of a vacation paradise. White sands, calm waters, an abundance of marine life, and friendly people all contribute to the sentiment many visitors have of never wanting to return home. Tropical islands in Thailand offer fresh cuisine, a relaxed pace and atmosphere, and endless opportunities for activities in the sea. Whether you are interested in a casual snorkel or a day of serious scuba diving, a Thailand island vacation is guaranteed to get you into the water.

Tropical Islands in Thailand
Tropical Islands in Thailand

When planning a trip to Thailand islands, there are some factors to consider. The two coasts of Thailand experience different weather patterns, and if you are traveling to Thailand to scuba or snorkel, it is important to arrive in the right season. Between October and April, the Andaman coast, on the western side of the country, experiences great weather. This coast includes Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, as well as the island destination of Phuket. This resort is popular for a Thailand island vacation because it is accessible by air, from Bangkok and from international destinations, and offers some of the best beach resorts and scuba diving that the country has to offer.

Between May and September, the Andaman coast experiences its rainy season. During this time, it is best to travel to the Gulf of Thailand side of the country, to the east. Koh Samui for example, is one of the most popular tropical islands in Thailand, and it boasts an international airport that is easy to reach via domestic flights from Bangkok. The island also has a huge variety of accommodation options, from basic to luxury. The ease at which travelers can arrive to the island have also made it a bit crowded at times, and it may not be the secluded island paradise you had envisioned, but it's still a perennially enjoyable destination.

More quiet choices among Thailand islands are Koh Phangan and especially Koh Tao. On these islands you can fulfill your dreams of watching the sunset in a quiet hammock. Boat and fishing trips will keep the adventurous traveler busy, while the white-sand beaches provide a great place for all visitors to relax. If you’re seeking a more remote Thailand island vacation, Koh Adang could be a good fit. Nature-lovers are lured by the hiking trails, while deserted beaches and jungle waterfalls fulfill a picturesque vision of tropical islands in Thailand.

Thailand islands vary in development. There are a few islands off Phuket, for example, that attract visitors away from the mainland. Coral and Raya islands have beautiful shores and yet still offer options for accommodation and restaurants. Often these options, which are just a bit further from the main tourist attractions than other possible destinations, will offer a great blend of remote and developed. Known for romance, these isolated islands are a popular choice for couples on a honeymoon or other romantic getaway. Whether you go for a day trip or stay for a month, each of the islands along the coast of Thailand has something unique to offer; you need only to choose which ones to visit.

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