Kata Beach

To those in the know, Kata Beach is one of Phuket’s very best stretches of coastline. Situated just a couple of miles south of the resorts of Karon Beach, Kata Beach Phuket is a typically beautiful Thai beach that exhibits everything a tropical island paradise should: sand that’s warm and almost white, invitingly clear water, and clear skies.

What’s more, compared with Phuket’s other beaches (especially Karon and Patong Beach), it’s relatively untouched. That’s not to say tourists don’t make it here—they do, and as a consequence finding a resort at Kata Beach shouldn’t prove too difficult—but rather that they come in fewer numbers, and therefore the beach retains more of its natural appeal. Add to the beautiful scenery the fact that Kata Beach surfing is known to be among the best there is to be had in Thailand, and you have all the ingredients for a superb beach vacation.

Kata Beach Phuket actually refers to two beaches. There’s Kata Beach itself, and then Kata Noi; the latter is effectively the little sister to the former. Most vacationers find themselves staying in a resort at Kata Beach and then covering the small distance to Kata Noi on foot should they want to experience its wonders. Both these beaches are characterized by their pristine white sand and eminently easygoing attitude toward life; the main difference is simply that Kata Noi is smaller, and there are generally fewer people there.

Sunbathing and swimming on Kata Beach Phuket are, of course, the most popular things to do here, and you’ll find pleasant days whiz by in an instant as you take life easy in this enchanting part of Thailand. Sunbathing in particular is made extremely pleasant by the many beach hawkers who walk up and down Kata Beach, selling everything from ice cream to cold drinks and pizza.

If you’re more of the type who likes their beach vacations exertive as well as relaxing, there are plenty of activities to do here, with Kata Beach surfing inevitably high on the list. From April to October, the south end of the beach becomes an unofficial surfer’s hangout, and the vacationer visiting during these months can have a great time either out on the waves themselves or watching from the safety of the beach. This is a great place to learn how to surf, with instruction widely available, while the occasional mighty wave serves to satisfy those with a touch more experience. Generally speaking, you’ll find boogie boarders and first-time surfers quite close to shore, and experienced surfers catching the large waves further out to sea.

During the other months of the year, snorkeling becomes the main activity to indulge in while staying in a resort at Kata Beach, as the sea life that populates the waters just off the beach is almost unimaginably vibrant. Scuba diving is also a possibility here, though more trips are arranged from the larger beach hub at Karon Beach just to the north.

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