Khao Lak Beach

The Phang Nga Province, which is located just north of Phuket in Thailand, has a great many superb beaches, with Khao Lak Beach being one of the most popular of all. Khao Lak itself is basically a series of charming villages that dot the western coast of the province. This is an eminently tranquil area of Thailand to vacation, a place where you’ll find all the beauty and relaxation of island resorts such as Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Phuket itself without all the associated boisterous tourism and late-night parties. Khao Lak hotels generally cater to families and couples as a result.

In terms of getting to Khao Lak Thailand, a lot of visitors arrive on a bus from Bangkok, the country’s main transportation hub. While certainly affordable in price, this bus can prove a bit of a long trip—it runs overnight, with the journey lasting somewhere around ten hours. For those who are willing to pay the extra cash, then, a flight from Bangkok to nearby Phuket is a much easier option. Once you’ve landed in Phuket, there are plenty of public buses and taxis on hand to take you the 50 miles from the airport to Khao Lak Beach.

Once you've arrived, you’ll obviously want to sort out which of the Khao Lak hotels you’ll be staying in. And Khao Lak Beach certainly isn’t devoid of accommodation options; however, it should be said that there’s little for the budget traveler here. Almost all the Khao Lak hotels cater to the vacationer who’s not traveling on a budget, and while that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all ultra-luxurious joints, it does mean you’ll have trouble finding something here that won’t burn a hole in a tight budget. Many of the Khao Lak hotels are gorgeous seaside resorts that offer their guest a hut or bungalow to sleep in, along with numerous facilities such as swimming pools, Thai massages, and spas. With the beach only ever a few feet away, these places are just about as heavenly as you can get.

If spending your day relaxing around the hotel and taking it easy on Khao Lak Beach doesn’t quite appeal to your sense of adventure, Khao Lak diving may be a good option. Diving is, of course, an adventurous and exertive activity; it’s also fascinating, and a huge amount of fun. What’s more, Khao Lak diving is some of the best there is to be had in Thailand. Khao Lak diving inevitably concentrates on the Similan Islands, which are located just off the shore of the beach; surrounded by beautiful coral and vibrant sea life, they make for a once-in-a-lifetime diving experience.

Having enjoyed Khao Lak to the full, many vacationers chose to head south down to Phuket, which is Thailand’s most well-known island resort. From there, the islands of Koh Yao and Koh Phi Phi are only a short boat ride away.

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