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The province of Krabi Thailand, includes multiple destinations for the many tourists heading for the tropical beaches, parties, and diving of Koh Phi Phi, the resorts of Ao Nang, and the natural rock formations of Rai Leh, as well as other neighboring tourist spots. When looking for a hotel in Krabi, travelers have a choice of staying in Krabi Town itself or in the other tourist hot spots in the area.

Nakamanda Resort & Spa
Nakamanda Resort & Spa

Many travelers fly into the Krabi airport and head straight for their destinations—a Krabi resort on the tourist center of Ao Nang, for example, or a hostel on the hippie-inhabited Ton Sai beach at Rai Leh, where many rock climbers congregate. Nevertheless, for an authentic Thai experience, Krabi Town can be a good choice for a day or two. Although the town boasts no beaches of its own, Krabi hotels in town are relatively cheaper than comparable establishments on the beach, and the town offers a large range of shopping and nightlife options. Your choice for a hotel in Krabi ranges from the five-star Maritime Hotel to the Nakamanda Resort & Spa (pictured) to cheap backpacker hostels. For those staying in Krabi en route to other areas, transportation is readily available.

The best place to find a Krabi resort is the heavily touristed center of Ao Nang. Although an authentic Thai experience is rarely to be found in this popular spot, Ao Nang offers some of the best swimming in the area. Rapid development in this area means that Ao Nang can offer high standards in Krabi hotels, as well as more modern conveniences such as ATMs, pharmacies, restaurants, and shops, many of which are concentrated around Beach Road. The location of Beach Road means that your hotel in Krabi will not be located directly on the beach in Ao Nang, but the beach is easily accessible by everyone, and for ease and comfort, Ao Nang is many travelers' first choice for Krabi accommodation.

Rai Leh is located on a peninsula just south of Ao Nang, but its spectacular jungle-rimmed beaches are accessible only by boat, giving it an isolated island feel. Those looking for a Krabi resort in this area will want to head west to Sunset Beach, where the highest quality—and most expensive—Krabi hotels on Rai Leh are to be found. East Rai Leh is home to the bulk of the cheaper options for Krabi accommodation, though the location is not as attractive as on Sunset Beach. Travelers interested in rock-climbing will want to head for Ton Sai Beach, where budget bungalows are available for both short and long-term stays, though the beach is nowhere near as beautiful as in Rai Leh.

Phra Nang Bay in the south of Rai Leh is the most popular spot for tourists to spend their days, though the only accommodation available here is the five-star Krabi resort, the Rayavadee. Those who can afford it might consider staying at the Rayavadee, as it is one of the leading hotels of the world. Its location is spectacular, nestled as it is among a lush green jungle, gardens, and coconut groves, and its private villas and bungalows have won awards for their charming architecture, reminiscent of a southern Thai village. The Rayavadee's extensive grounds are bordered by three beaches, and it also includes world-class cuisine, spa treatments, and a cooking school. The adventurous can also take advantage of the excursions offered by this Krabi resort, including elephant treks, kayaking, and rock climbing.

Many tourists looking for a hotel in Krabi head straight for the parties on the Koh Phi Phi islands. Although much was destroyed during the 2004 tsunami, many hotels have now been rebuilt, and for the most part, it is business as usual on Koh Phi Phi. The most luxurious resorts are located in the northern part of Phi Phi Don, the main island. For the most part, however, hotels on Koh Phi Phi are not terribly cheap due both to the difficulties in infrastructure and in transporting goods inherent to life on an island, and of course due to Koh Phi Phi's high tourist popularity. However, the beautiful location makes the stay worthwhile. Some good mid-range options are available, including the lovely Bay View Beach Resort, which offers two-level bungalows with amazing views of a white sandy beach and the turquoise ocean. Located about fifteen minutes away from Phi Phi village, it is convenient to access the restaurants and parties of Phi Phi, while situated on a quieter end of the beach. The Bay View Beach Resort offers three-star comfort at reasonable rates, and you can't beat the stunning setting.

With so many options for finding a hotel in Krabi, the main factor to consider is location. Once travelers have decided whether they want to stay in a comfortable resort, or in a more bohemian bungalow, Krabi has a range of hotel choices certain to suit everyone.

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