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Some of the best aspects of a coastal province are the requisite crystal-blue ocean, waterfalls, and beautiful coral reefs. Krabi is one of the finest examples of a holiday coastal region. Its enchanting caves, white sandy beaches, and numerous islands ensure a perfect exotic Thailand holiday. Located on the coast of Southern Thailand, the Krabi province attracts around 2 million tourists annually. It borders the Andaman Sea and is approximately 500 miles south of Bangkok. There are more than 100 large and small islands thriving with mangrove forests, and a Krabi vacation would certainly be incomplete without some island-hopping.

Krabi's history is as fascinating as its islands and beaches. According to some archaeological findings, settlement in Krabi dates back to prehistoric times. Sources say that the name Krabi refers to a dagger or a sword because of an ancient legend about a sword being unearthed from one of its islands much before the establishment of Krabi city. Besides legends and folklore, Krabi is also known for its awesome attractions. From interesting museums to enticing waterfalls, travelers looking for a vibrant Krabi Thailand vacation will find no shortage of things to do.

Krabi Province
Krabi Province

Important attractions in the Krabi region include the Tiger Cave temple, Ao Nang Beach, Namtok Hin Phoeng waterfalls, and the Wat Khlong Thom museum. A visit to the Tiger Temple is one of the most interesting escapades in the Krabi Thailand region. The temple complex has a fascinating network of natural caves surrounded by lush green forest. When you travel to Krabi, pay close attention to the areas around the caves, as they feature a series of tiger pawprints. Long ago, tigers used to roam throughout the lush green forests. A fascinating archaeological site, the Tiger Cave Temple complex is found at Ban Tham Suea, which is five miles from Krabi town.

A Krabi Thailand vacation wouldn't be complete without a visit to the beaches, as a Krabi beach promises all the characteristics of a perfect holiday destination. One of the most developed and sprawling beaches is Ao Nang, which is surrounded by beautiful palm trees and offers plenty of attractions to visitors. Travelers can also visit nearby islands and beaches by hiring a boat from Ao Nang, such as the sandy Krabi beach of Hat Rai Le to enjoy some rock climbing. The boat traveling times and fares vary depending on the distance between Ao Nang beach and the nearby islands, so check the schedule ahead of time.

There are numerous other beaches that guarantee superb entertainment value. The Ao Phra Nang peninsula boasts two outstanding beaches called Hat Tham and Rai Leh. Rai Leh is a unique Krabi beach because of the various rock formations scattered throughout the area. You will also find many attractive caves with surrounding the beach. The limestone formations and the stalactites inside the caves are one of the spectacular attractions of Rai Leh Beach, and they draw many visitors.

Besides excellent beaches and attractions, Krabi is also renowned for some great outdoor activities. You can enjoy kayaking, rock climbing, and canoeing, among other great adventures. The best places to go canoeing are Ko Ko Du, Ko Phak Bia, and Ko Karat. But, if you are more into kayaking, you will love the Ban Tha Len area. While these are some of best activities for an adventurous Krabi vacation, island-hopping is one activity that certainly cannot be missed. With more than 100 islands scattered across the Krabi province, one of your first destinations has to be the Phi Phi Islands. Situated 33 miles from Krabi's provincial town, the Phi Phi islands are an archipelago, and there are many underwater attractions here including beautiful coral reefs, anemones, and vibrant marine life. The Phi Phi Islands are also an excellent place for snorkeling and are quite well-known for their beautiful beaches and crystal-blue water—the perfect setting for an exotic Krabi vacation.

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