Thailand Nightlife

Thailand is a partygoer's paradise. With top class pubs, discotheques, and bars, Thailand nightlife delivers all the good reasons to celebrate and enjoy life. Night owls looking for the best party experience will love to dance to lively music spun by world class DJs. From the phenomenal electronica to the soothing lounge music, the many clubs and bars present plenty of options for a wonderful night out. Travelers who are new to the Thailand nightlife scene will find the city of Bangkok a perfect place to hang around with friends.

Nightlife in Thailand
Nightlife in Thailand

Known popularly as Krung Thep or the City of Angels, Bangkok has something for everyone, be it a shopaholic or a partygoer. The Bangkok nightlife delivers some of the most excellent bars and clubs in the country; the average club offers a local DJ experience replete with electronic music and dancing. Travelers on the hunt for good music might enjoy visiting 808, a popular underground Bangkok club. Featuring a blend of local and world-renowned DJs, the club is adorned with state-of-the-art digital visuals to enhance your dancing experience. This club is located in the Royal City Avenue (RCA), one of the city's most popular nightclub zones, so expect a great ambience and crowd.

The RCA is home to a multitude of bars and clubs. It is one of the prime areas to explore the Thailand nightlife. A perfect spot for young backpackers, the Royal City Avenue's clubs offer a variety of music ranging from local Thai electronica to R&B, and the restaurants and bars serve a variety of drinks and food. Since the RCA caters to the local youth, the food and entertainment offered is relatively cheaper than what you'll find other areas. Besides 808, there are many other clubs located in the avenue, and travelers in search of a party can visit other prime spots such as Route 66, JazzIt Bangkok club, and Inch.

While a good Bangkok club offers world-class dance music, the city's pubs provide superb ambience through their intoxicating lounge music and great drinks. Quite popular among pubs is the Q-bar, a New York-style night spot for locals and foreigners alike. Located in the urbane and sophisticated Sukhumvit Road, the Q-Bar invites many guest DJs every night to hold lounge, funk, and hip hop parties. With more than 70 varieties of top-class vodka, the quality drinks and cocktails offered here exemplify Q-bar's high standards.

Another key nightlife destination in Thailand is Phuket. The city was once notorious for its sleazy clubs and bars, but most of Phuket's red-light areas have undergone major transformations in recent years. Today, a typical club in Phuket reflects the modern Thai lifestyle. The clubs boast cavernous rooms teeming with people enjoying music performed by live bands; you can also listen to Thai folk music, among other styles. However, there are rarely dance floors offered by clubs in Phuket, as the locals typically prefer lounging around over dancing to electronica.

However, tourists who love rollicking dance parties should definitely pay a visit to Patong Beach to enjoy some great nightlife in Phuket. Located on the west coast of Phuket city, Patong is known for its go-go bars and sleazy pubs. But there are also decent clubs that guarantee good music and ambience. Most sophisticated clubs in Patong host excellent DJ nights, which usually include techno or electronica. Some clubs, such as Club Lime, arrange special ladies nights and offer free entry and free drinks for girls. Besides that, decent nightclubs also have special themes including drum and bass, house, and hip hop nights.

Besides the options for a good dance club in Phuket, there are several sophisticated pubs and bars scattered throughout the city. Rasada Road in the old Phuket area is one of the prime locations to sample high-quality vodka. It has very good concentration of pubs, bars, and high-end restaurants. There are a number of discotheques and clubs in the city, but Rasada Road is known only for its pubs and bars, making it an excellent destination for those seeking a more relaxed night.

While an average pub or a dance club in Phuket cannot be compared with its Ibiza counterparts, it does offer a good party atmosphere. There are no fashion police or any specific dance styles involved, which makes most clubs very friendly and welcoming place to enjoy your nights out during a trip to Thailand.

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