Patong Beach

For a lot of vacationers who visit Thailand, Patong Beach is the big one. This great slice of sun-baked sandy paradise sits adjacent to the town of Patong, which has become one of the largest tourist hubs in Thailand. Patong Beach Phuket is today a mainstay of Southeast Asian travel, and while it’s probably not as authentic as it once was, as is the case with destinations such as Mykonos in Greece and Torremolinos in Spain, it’s still a whole lot of fun. A beach idyll for sunbathers by day and a lively destination for partygoers by night, Patong Beach Phuket certainly makes for a memorable Thai vacation.

Patong Beach Thailand
Patong Beach Thailand

Arriving at Patong Beach is as easy as it could possibly be, thanks of course to the thousands who flock here with time-honored regularity. Patong is served by an international airport, and it’s consequently possible to arrive here from overseas. In reality, however, you’ll most likely find that you fly into Bangkok first and then catch a connecting flight onward. There’s also a bus service that connects Thailand’s capital with Patong Beach Phuket, though this will likely mean an overnight ride.

Once you’ve arrived, finding a hotel should be no problem, as there are hundreds of hotels on Patong Beach. These accommodations range from ramshackle budget options to soaring luxury towers, and finding something that suits your needs should be easy enough. Unsurprisingly, the hotels on Patong Beach are all within walking distance of the beach itself, which means hours spent lounging around on the warm white sand of the beach are never far away. For those who can afford the expense, truly top-end hotels on Patong Beach often have a small private slice of beach or offer a boat ride to a nearby private cove, for your secluded pleasure.

In terms of activities available on Patong Beach, you’ll find just about everything, from diving and snorkeling to jet skiing and parasailing. Thai massages are also available the length of the beach for that added bit of relaxation. Then, once the sun goes down, Patong comes out to party. Some have gone as far as to call Patong Beach nightlife the very best in Southeast Asia, and it’s certainly hard to argue with such a statement. From throbbing techno clubs to laid-back bars and the ubiquitous ladyboy shows, Patong parties the night away like few others.

Having exhausted the many potentials of Patong Beach Phuket, the smaller yet no less idyllic islands of Koh Phi Phi await. Famed for its James Bond Island (a rock that was used as the setting of the villain’s lair in The Man with the Golden Gun), not to mention its beaches and diving opportunities, Koh Phi Phi is certainly a worthy addition to a trip to Patong Beach. If you want to get away from the beaten track, on the other hand, continuing east to the small Koh Lanta group of islands is a great option—these are no less beautiful tropical idylls, though less is here in terms of tourist provisions.

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