Pattaya Hotels

Pattaya is one of the most visited cities in Thailand, second in popularity only to Bangkok. With its booming nightlife, shopping, and entertainment districts, Pattaya is a busy tourist center with wide beaches, water sports, and numerous nearby attractions. Pattaya hotels range from exclusive beach resorts to affordable mid-range accommodation, making it an excellent destination for tourists of all kinds. The city also offers easy access to outdoor activities including diving, snorkeling, and relaxing on the beach.

Dusit Resort

Dusit Resort
Dusit Resort

Many of the most luxurious Pattaya hotels are located on the main strip of Pattaya Beach in the center of town, which is lined with a beach promenade, palms, many resorts, shops, and restaurants. Most of the nightlife centers on Walking Street, which has garnered a reputation for wild and sometimes raunchy night action, though the government has made distinct progress in making the city more family-friendly. The premium real estate on Pattaya Beach means that the most expensive resorts are located here. The Dusit Resort (pictured) is an exclusive Pattaya resort with private access to the quieter northern end of the beach, and it is perfectly located both for serene sea views as well as close proximity to the busy downtown area. The Pattaya Marriot Resort and Spa is another hotel in Pattaya Beach, just minutes from Royal Garden Plaza Mall and plenty of nightlife. The Marriot also features eight acres of tropical gardens, and those in search of some rest and relaxation will head for the huge swimming pool and garden spa, making it one of the best choices for a Pattaya resort.

Pattaya Second Road

Those in search of a mid-range or budget hotel in Pattaya Beach will want to look further away from the premium beach locations, and Pattaya Second Road may answer many budget travelers' needs. Set just a few hundred meters back from the beach, Pattaya Second Road runs parallel to the beach promenade and is filled with restaurants, bars, shops, and hotels and guesthouses ranging from cheap to mid-price. Those who choose Pattaya hotels on Second Road are located close to the nightlife of Walking Street and the convenience of the town but will find that beach access is not as easy as at a Pattaya resort right on the ocean. The northern end of Second Road is slightly quieter than the nightlife heavy southern area. A good choice for a mid-range hotel in Pattaya Beach is the All Seasons Pattaya, with a Zen-designed rooftop swimming pool and trendy décor, just ten minutes' walk from the beach and conveniently close to the nightlife.

Ambassador City Jomtien

Those who wish to avoid the notorious nightlife of the town may choose not to find a hotel in Pattaya Beach proper, but to look for Pattaya hotels further south on quieter Jomtien beach. Longer than Pattaya beach, and more secluded, Jomtien beach has many choices for mid-range and budget Pattaya accommodation, including the enormous Ambassador City Jomtien resort. Boasting a reputation as the biggest Pattaya resort, and indeed as the largest hotel in the world, the Ambassador has more than 4,000 rooms, eight restaurants, three swimming pools, and multiple bars. Intimate it is not, but it is certainly spacious, with more than 40 acres of land and direct access to the beach. Each of the five wings features its own unique character, and rooms look out either on the ocean or on the beautifully landscaped gardens. Other choices for Pattaya hotels in Jomtien beach include mid-range to budget hotels, villas, and guesthouses, many of them right on the beach.

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