Phang Nga Thailand

Phang Nga town is the administrative capital of the Phang Nga province, and the area is known for its fascinating natural wonders and attractions. Nestled on Thailand's southwestern coast, the Phang Nga province is a quaint and serene region with beautiful scenic attractions. Its provincial town attracts hundreds of tourists every year. Travelers love to catch a glimpse of Phang Nga town's elephant-shaped Khao Chang Mountain, the sparkling waterfalls at Sa Nang Manora forest park, and the dark caves at Kao Ngum. Most tourists visit between the warm months of December and April to have the most pleasant vacation in Phang Nga.

Phang Nga town is 497 miles away from south of Bangkok. Visitors can reach Phang Nga Thailand by hiring a car or a bus from Bangkok, which may take up to twelve hours. Since there's no airport in Phang Nga province, travelers can also take a flight from Bangkok to Phuket and then hire a bus from Phuket airport to reach the town area. Phang Nga travel is much quicker if done via air than by road, but travelers who are not in a hurry may enjoy the scenic bus trip.

James Bond Island
James Bond Island  Image: Carrie Kellenberger I globetrotterI (flickr)

A rewarding vacation in Phang Nga town is possible through a nice visit to the bay. The Phang Nga Bay is just nine miles away from the city. You can explore the beautiful limestone mountains, amazing islands, tiny beaches, and caves around the bay by hiring sea canoes and long-tail boats. You will also love the service of a tour operator organizing interesting tours of the area. When touring the natural attractions around the bay, don't miss the Leaning Rock (Khao Ping Gan). Also known as the James Bond Island, Ping Gan Island was featured in the Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun. There are many other attractive islands around the Phang Nga Thailand bay. Hong Island is known for its exquisite limestone walls, whereas Panak Island has many caves with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. You can also catch a glimpse of the Koh Tha-Pu Island, whose shape resembles that of a nail.

Apart from Phang Nga travel near the bay, tourists will no doubt love the different scenic areas near the town. There are many beautiful caverns located near Phang Nga Thailand. Popular ones include the Phung Chang, Khao Ngum, Ruesi Sawan, and Luek Seua caves. Inside these caverns, travelers will find attractive water streams, stalactites, and stalagmites. Some caves such as Khao Ngum are marked by the loads of seashells that surround them.

Besides sightseeing in and around the town area, travelers can enjoy a vacation in Phang Nga by accessing a wide variety of eateries. The town boasts many inexpensive restaurants offering delicious food, and there are numerous attractive vegetarian restaurants by the main road. The beachside restaurants offer delicious seafood and a pleasant atmosphere with cool breezes and a serene outdoor setting. The budget hotels are located near the bus station, so it will be very easy to access them. Nightlife in Phang Nga is not as lively when compared with other Thailand destinations, so it is a better destination for a day trip.

Phang Nga tourism is targeted toward the adventurer and the eco-tourist. The national parks in Phang Nga provide a safe sanctuary for near-extinct birds and endangered animal species. The Ton Pariwat Wildlife Conservation Area can be a perfect Phang Nga travel destination for eco-conscious travelers. It is situated between Kapong district and Phang Nga town in Tambon Song Phrak area; this wildlife conservation area also provides opportunities for interesting things to do such as river rafting and elephant rides.

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