Phang Nga Hotels

The beautiful scenery of Phang Nga Province draws visitors from nearby Phuket, as well as many who wish to stay in Phang Nga itself to enjoy the magnificent scenery, great beaches, and famous diving spots. Phang Nga Bay in particular is well known for its jutting limestone cliffs, emerald-green waters, and coral reefs. Although much of the area, including many Phang Nga hotels around the bay, was devastated in the 2004 tsunami, it is recovering, and travelers will find that it is still possible to find a bungalow, seaside resort, or hotel in Phang Nga, and visitors will not regret the many memories they will make in this beautiful region.

There are some Phang Nga hotels located right in Phang Nga City proper, with the bulk of the budget accommodation located close to the bus station. Phang Nga City is usually just a transit stop, however, and most travelers will continue on to stay in Phang Nga resorts on the many beaches.

Khao Lak National Park is a popular destination, especially among divers, due to its proximity to the Similan Islands, a group of eight islands known for their pristine beaches and amazing diving spots, ranked among the best in the world. Several Phang Nga hotels and resorts are located along the beach in Khao Lak, as well as budget guesthouses and bungalows. Although many of the Phang Nga resorts in this particular area were wiped out in the 2004 tsunami, a good number have been rebuilt. Choices for a hotel in Phang Nga in the Khao Lak area include first-class hotels such as the Le Meridien Resort and Spa.

Phang Nga Bay itself does not offer an overwhelming variety of choices for Phang Nga accommodation, as many of the islands are uninhabited. Many tourists stay in Phuket and join a boat, sea kayak, or bus/boat tour to see Phang Nga Bay in a day. For those who are interested in finding a hotel in Phang Nga Bay, the quiet Koh Yao Islands in the middle of the bay offer a limited range of bungalows, homestays, and Phang Nga resorts, as well as a luxury resort (pictured). There are also some rustic bungalows available on Koh Pannyi, a village built on stilts over the water that offers an interesting glimpse into Muslim culture in this region, and a chance to get away from the crowds of tourists, who usually leave before nightfall. The Sea Gypsies who live in this floating village have built tourist-friendly restaurants and souvenir shops, but they return to their fishing-village roots in the evening.

Although Phang Nga does not offer as many tourist centers as the more popular island of Phuket, those who do choose to stay in Phang Nga may enjoy the increased quiet and serenity of their stay, as well as the spectacular natural scenery. It's the perfect destination for travelers who plan to spend their Thailand vacation getting some peace and quiet, while still having access to the beautiful beaches and water-based activities that have made the country such a popular destination.

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