Rayong Thailand

The Rayong province is one of Thailand's most delightful travel destinations. Located on the country's eastern coast, the region is known for its exotic waterfalls and pristine beaches. Besides the usual coastal attractions, Rayong Thailand also boasts good restaurants serving delicious seafood. It is located 136 miles from the city of Bangkok and covers a total area of 1,371 square miles. Because of its rich sea resources, Rayong is one of Thailand's key industrial and agricultural provinces. To make the most of its great beaches and excellent attractions, Rayong travel is best between the months of November and February.

Rayong first came to the notice of Phraya Thak's troops during the late Ayutthaya period. He and his army recognized the strategic importance of the region and built a navy before marching to the Chantaburi province. His bravery and command made him quite popular among the Rayong locals, who anointed him king in the region.

Rayong Thailand
Rayong Thailand

The Rayong province and its districts are easily accessible from Bangkok. Rayong travel is easily done if you rent a car and drive via the highways from Bangkok. You can also opt for a bus service, which generally leaves the Ekkamai Bus Terminal and reaches Rayong via many routes. It is recommended to hire a privately owned bus for quick access to Rayong Thailand.

Tourists looking for a splendid Rayong vacation will find no shortage of different sports to try. The region is one of the key golf destinations in Thailand, and major golf clubs are near the busiest tourist areas. Other activities to enjoy include horseback riding, scuba diving, and biking. The Taphong bike route in Rayong Thailand is popular among bicyclists; this route is popular for its agro-tourism and to encourage this, the local administration offers special tour package for tourists.

While there may be fewer things to do in Rayong than in other parts of Thailand, the beaches are plentiful. There are more than 74 miles of spectacular beaches in the region. The Hat Laem Charoen is the nearest beach to the city, located just three miles south of downtown Rayong. It's quite popular for its seafood, especially the fish sauce, and is a great spot to party. Another beach famous for its dining choices is the Hat Saeng Chan. With ample opportunities for sunbathing and swimming, this beautiful sandy white beach is perfect for a great family Rayong vacation.

Besides the pristine Rayong beaches, the region boasts other entertaining attractions. Travelers enjoy visiting the island of Koh Samet due to its vibrant coral reefs and beautiful rock formations. Exploring the coral reefs beneath the Andaman Sea is one of the most fascinating activities in Koh Samet. Located some four miles from the town of Ban Phe in the Rayong province, the Island offers many accommodation options and boat services. The Khao Wong Caves are also a great spot to enjoy a perfect Rayong vacation. With over 50 interconnected caves, Khao Wong serves as a key meditation center for Buddhist monks. The key attraction here is an enchanting little shrine with a Buddha footprint replica; you can reach the Khao Wong caves via the Sukhumvit highway.

Rayong travel can be made even more enjoyable if you visit the Ban Phe fishing port. The Rayong province is home to the biggest port area in Thailand, and Ban Phe is the perfect example of it. The port is known for its famous marine produce, and the narrow streets of Ban Phe are lined with little shops and houses. The shops are great for buying some souvenirs and gift items created from shells of different colors, shapes, and sizes.

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