Thailand Beaches

Best Beaches in Thailand
Best Beaches in Thailand

For a little rest and relaxation, nothing beats Thailand beaches. To enjoy the best beaches of Thailand, head to the island of Phuket, located in the southern region of Thailand. Travel by ferry or by car to get to the island, or elect to fly into Phuket International airport, which features regular flights to and from Bangkok.

A typical Phuket beach is characterized by long stretches of white sand, clear turquoise waters and dazzling views. In selecting a beach, it is important to choose a location that matches the day's mood. Those that are feeling more social will probably enjoy a visit to Patong Beach. This stretch of sand is positively bustling with things to do. Along with parasailing and jet skiing, this Phuket beach has masseuses as well as tour boat operators that are ready to do a customer's bidding.

While the waters at most Thailand beaches are often as smooth as glass during the north-east monsoon season which runs from November until April, the waters become much more choppy in the south-west monsoon season. From May until October, surfers make Kata Beach their destination spot, enjoying the reasonably sized waves and the laid-back atmosphere.

While the southern tip of the island is usually crowded with tourists, it is possible to get away from the maddening crowd and enjoy one of the best beaches of Thailand: Freedom beach. Just off the beaten path from Patong Beach, this strip of paradise is accessible via a 10-minute long-tail boat ride from Patong. Quiet and isolated, this Phuket Beach also boasts a coral reef that offers picturesque snorkeling opportunities.

For those that are looking to enjoy Thailand beaches that are slightly more isolated, head to the northern part of Phuket. Along the way, you will encounter Nai Thon Beach, a location that boasts white sand that is so smooth and silky that it actually "squeaks" as you walk along it. This area has retained an untouched quality and while local hotels and bungalows are available to rent across from the beach, the establishments don't have the same commercial feel as some of the Thailand beach resorts located to the south. Offering a smattering of restaurants and plenty of peace and quiet, this Phuket beach is worthy of a few nights' stay.

Located less than 200 miles from Bangkok, Ko Chang Island is Thailand's second largest island after Phuket. Boasting beautiful rainforests, rich marine life and a calm, peaceful atmosphere, Ko Chang Island is becoming the destination spot for tourists who are seeking the best beaches of Thailand. The island has only recently registered on the tourist radar, and as a result, the pace is still laid-back and calm. Rent a little bungalow on White Sands Beach or opt for a little more luxury at one of the Thailand beach resorts in the area. Along with shops along its main road, the beach also has a sprinkling of restaurants and clubs for a little fun once the sun goes down. Kai Bae Beach is a great destination spot for doing a little snorkeling or enjoying a little time out on the ocean in a kayak.

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