Thailand Tours

Whether it's a half-day cultural visit to an historic site or a more prolonged excursion at sea, Thailand tours have something to suit everyone's taste.

Bangkok's bustling city center can sometimes be difficult to take in, all alone. Thailand vacation tours provide you with plenty of guidance, allowing you to enjoy all of the excitement of the capital while visiting some historic sites too. One stop that should not be missed is a guided visit to the Grand Palace, which houses the Emerald Buddha Temple - one of Thailand's most revered shrines. Dating back over 200 years, the Palace's artwork and architecture is awe-inspiring. Thailand tour packages often include a visit to Bangkok's Orchid Market - the city's largest flower market. This lively spot is filled with colorful blooms including lotus flowers, roses and orchids from all over Thailand.

For a trip just outside of Bangkok, Thailand tours can offer shoppers an experience that they will never forget - a visit to the floating markets. Long-tail boats take passengers down crowded canals where they'll be able to sample fresh fruits and vegetables right from floating stalls on the water. If you're in the mood to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, check out the Thailand tour packages that feature a trip to Khao Yai National Park. Regarded as a world heritage site, you will find waterfalls and thick deep forests that house up to 300 different species of birds as well as other forms of wildlife. There are also several Thailand vacation tours that let you view the scenery from a bicycle. Ranging from half-day treks to three-day tours, you'll be able to do everything from visiting fishing villages and fruit orchards to engaging in wine tasting.

For those who are seeking a more laid-back approach, make sure to spend some time on a cruise. These unique Thailand tour packages allow passengers to view amazing sites from the comfort of the boat's deck and engage in daily excursions as well.

The island of Phuket forms an essential part of Thailand tourism. People flock to its gorgeous beaches and jaw-dropping scenery. Here, you will find plenty of Thailand vacations tours that focus on snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and various other water sports. A popular destination for Thailand tours is Phang Nga Bay. You can charter a boat and set a course to investigate deserted beaches or book an adventure to visit the bay's limestone caverns in inflatable canoes.

Thanks to the crystal clear waters and bountiful coral, scuba diving and snorkeling have become major features of Thailand tour packages. Expert scuba divers will want to book themselves an excursion to the Similan Islands. The trip, which can last as much as five days, features dives in a peaceful natural reserve that is home to manta rays, whales, and sharks.

First time snorkelers don't need to worry about missing the boat. The major beaches of Phuket have shops to rent equipment and will often give courses, allowing you to enjoy the schools of fish swimming through the ocean and the magnificent coral found in some of the island's lagoons.

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