Thailand Vacations

Thailand Vacations
Thailand Vacations

Thailand vacations make visiting a beach paradise an affordable reality. From remote isolated islands to luxurious resorts, trips to Thailand offer a variety of accommodation options and activities. Recent years have seen the development of luxury properties throughout the country, but visitors seeking a quiet retreat will also find what they are looking for in Thailand. From Bangkok to Phuket, Chiang Mai to Pattaya, there are options throughout the country for unique getaways. A vacation in Thailand has many faces: beach relaxation, cultural exploration, sampling new flavors, and sea-based adventure.

A vacation in Bangkok is often the beginning of any trip to Thailand. As the major international point of entry, Bangkok has a large airport. Some visitors choose to immediately hop on a domestic flight to other areas of the country and skip Bangkok entirely, but this would be a mistake. There are plenty of attractions within the city that deserve a visit. For instance, Thailand vacations must include trips to some of the beautiful Buddhist temples. Besides showcasing the importance of religion in Thai life, these beautiful buildings are guaranteed to amaze visitors. After spending a few days in Bangkok, most visitors head for the beaches. A great location for honeymoons, Phuket has been a popular choice for newlyweds looking for a bit of relaxation

Trips to Thailand can also be centered on the sea. Images of calm waters and sparsely populated beaches are often what lured visitors to the country in the first place. While some beaches are a bit more built up, with some research, the more remote islands can be explored. Throughout the country you can enjoy spas and treatments such as the famous Thai massage. A vacation in Thailand must include some water activities as well, such as snorkeling and scuba diving. An abundance of marine life will be seen in shallow waters, from colorful fish to turtles.

Trips to Thailand can be done affordably. Backpacking is popular in the country, and budget accommodation is available throughout, from Bangkok to the islands to Chiang Mai. Funds stretch much further in Thailand than in many other destinations, so you are bound to see a good amount of backpackers exploring the country. For those travelers with a bit more to spend, activities such as golf and spa treatments are possible places to spend the surplus. Chartering a boat is an excellent way to see the different faces of the coastline and learn from a local expert who will share his knowledge during an afternoon sail. If you're interested in water activities, you can also combine chartering a boat with an afternoon of snorkeling.

Thailand vacations are limited to 30 days for citizens of most countries, but a longer visa can be granted simply by crossing the border into a neighboring country and returning for an additional 30 days. This is a much more affordable way to remain in the country as asking for an extended visa can be a hassle and costly. If you’re planning a vacation in Thailand, consider the seasons, and avoid traveling during the rainy season, especially if you’re interested in scuba or snorkeling.

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