When to Travel to Thailand

When to travel to Thailand is a question that should not cause much strain, as there is truly no bad time to visit throughout the year. Although Thailand experienced a surge of tourism beginning in the 1980s, the country does not get overrun with guests, even during what are considered to be the peak travel seasons. There are slight variations based on seasonal and regional factors, but pretty much any time of the year will be relatively hot and humid in this country. Weather should be a consideration as you plan, but certainly not the chief consideration. It is not uncommon for it to rain in the dry season or be sunny in the rainy season.

The peak tourist travel season in Thailand corresponds to the winter months (generally November through February). It is thought by many to be the best time to visit Thailand, as the heat and humidity fall off slightly and the chance of precipitation is slim. The long hours of sunshine, seemingly countless miles of white sandy beaches, and vibrant nightlife and culture in destinations like Bangkok and Chiang Mai are in full swing during this time. As it is the peak travel season for tourists, you can expect to pay top dollar for flights and accommodations during this time of the year, so it is best to make your travel arrangements as far in advance as possible. It should be noted that, even though this is the most popular time for travel in Thailand, it never tends to be crowded to the point of discomfort (except possibly for your wallet).

The hot season in Thailand takes place between the months of March through May. This is the time when the heat index is sweltering and guests will want to make sure their accommodations are fully equipped with air conditioning (most of the hotels and all of the resorts offer AC). This is a time to enjoy the beach, sightseeing, and major festivals like the Songkran festivities in mid April and the Thai Water Festival.

May welcomes the advent of the rainy season in Thailand, which generally lasts until the month of October. The main advantages to traveling to Thailand during this time of the year are the steep discounts on airfare and guest accommodations. Many believe this to be a time of constant torrential rain, and although when it does rain it can come down in droves, it tends not to last for long, and is usually followed by plenty of sunshine. For people who do not mind dealing with unpredictable weather from time to time, this is the ideal time to travel when it comes to saving money and making the most of your dollar on your trip. It is not at all unusual for hotels to offer discounts in the 50-percent-off range and there are many vacation packages to unearth that can add up to some serious savings. This is also the time when the Thai countryside is at its most lush and beautiful. Waterfalls, valleys, rice fields, and long beaches mark this country that continues to grow in popularity as an international travel destination.

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