Wat Chet Yot

Wat Chet Yot , which is also known as Wat Jed Yod or Wat Maha Photharam, goes by the label of "Temple of the Seven Spires" in English. Whatever you choose to call it, this Chiang Mai temple is amazing to behold. The site features various mound-like structures, or chedis, and they are quite elegant in nature. They are also very old, dating back to the late 1400s.

The Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand is home to some dazzling temples, and they include Wat Chet Yot. The main chedi of this temple was constructed during the reign of King Tilokkarat and was modeled after the Maha Bodhi Temple in India. As legend has it, the Maha Bodhi Temple was where Buddha first achieved enlightenment. There are more than just Indian influences when it comes to the design of the main chedi at Wat Chet Yot, however. The architectural elements also have Lao, Chinese, and Thai inspirations.

The main chedi of the Wat Chet Yot Temple hosted a world Buddhist council in 1477, and this lends to its historical appeal. As for its visual appeal, the carved figures at the base of the main structure are of particular interest. Artistic masterpieces, these carvings depict levitating Buddhist figures and are simply amazing.

The other structures help to comprise the Wat Che Yot Temple in Chiang Mai Thailand come in the form of smaller, bell-shaped chedis that are set upon bases. The largest of these smaller structures houses the remains of King Tilokkarat. The layout of the various buildings in general is quite appealing, thus making the site a joy to explore. Some Wat Chet Yot Temple visitors climb up to the roof of the main chedi for a bird's eye view of sorts. Unfortunately for females, this privilege is only extended to male visitors.

The Wat Chet Yot Temple is situated near the Chiang Mai National Museum. This puts it northwest of the Chiang Mai city center. Making it easier to find is the fact that it is located along the Superhighway. The site is open daily between the hours of 6 a.m. and 5 p.m., and while there isn't a set admission fee, making a donation of some kind is recommended.

As for other things that visitors might look to do while visiting the general area, there are other wonderful religious sites to visit. Among them are the Wat Phra Sing and Wat Chedi Luang temples. The Chiang Mai province is also ideal for recreational pursuits such as hiking, rock climbing, and golfing. Taking a boat ride on the Mae Ping River is just one more option for things to do, and regional tour companies are in good supply for those who wish to enjoy any number of fun activities.

Top image: Hdamm (wikipedia), CC BY-SA 2.0
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