Best Time to Travel to Vietnam
Best Time to Travel to Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with a long and fascinating history reaching back thousands of years, and leading up to modern-day Vietnam. The people are friendly. The culture is rich and illustrated through the many sights in the country, from historic temples and pagodas to the Vietnam War-era tunnels that still exist beneath the ground in Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam tourism is on the rise, and with so much to see and do, this is certainly one country that is able to impress. Vietnam is welcoming more visitors than ever, and many a Vietnam holiday sees folks enjoying a stay at one of the new Vietnam resorts. This country has come a long way. With sights such as Halong Bay, dynamic cities such as Hue, and enticing international restaurants making their way into the fabric of Vietnam travel, mixing the old with the new is what it's all about. If you want a real travel experience, Vietnam tourism can offer it.

Vietnam Vacation Packages
Vietnam Vacation Packages

Vietnam is situated on the South China Sea, and it is bordered by China to the north, and Laos and Cambodia to the west. It is a diverse country in terms of landscape, with soaring mountains, steamy jungles, and picturesque beaches, so those planning Vietnam vacations will certainly have a range of experiences to choose from. Interesting tours in the northern highlands are recommended, and they can be arranged in Vietnam's capital city of Hanoi, which is an ideal base for Vietnam travel. Hanoi itself offers a range of delights for visitors, including a large central market, an interesting Old Quarter with French colonial buildings, and a series of scenic lakes. In Hanoi, winter can bring temperatures of around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You probably won't need a jacket in the summer, however, as the temps can soar over 100 degrees!

From Hanoi, visitors might entertain the idea of taking boat tours in Ha Long, or head south to the country's largest city. Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, is some 1,100 miles south of Hanoi, and it offers a bounty of attractions, including the Reunification Palace and the War Remnants Museum. Thankfully, there is an adequate intra-country air service in Vietnam. Otherwise, it's rental car, rail, or bus, though you will want to avoid driving unless you are confident you can handle the traffic. For those less inclined to drive in Vietnam, you can hire a car and a driver for tours and such, the cost of which is usually very low. Also, don't be surprised if you end up on a motorbike at some point during Vietnam vacations, as the country is full of them.

In addition to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, those enjoying Vietnam tourism can check some other choice spots. The ancient capital of Hue is interesting, and the Vietnam beaches are always beckoning, especially in the southern part of the country where the sandy stretches are more beautiful and the weather consistently warm. Various Vietnam travel packages can be arranged for those who are planning Vietnam vacations, and many of these packages include one of the large cities, if not both, as well as one or more of the Vietnam beaches. Wherever you go in Vietnam, you'll notice the warmth of the proud Vietnamese people. The Vietnamese people are friendly, so by all means should you embrace their culture while you are here. Often times, foreign visitors are invited to special family events when in Vietnam, and these kinds of affairs can make for a truly authentic travel experience.

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