Dalat Vietnam

Dalat Vietnam is the center for golf vacations in the country, and has been since it first was brought here from France in the 1920s. The sport has played an important role in the modern history of the country, and international tournaments were played here even during the Vietnam War in the 1960s. Dalat travel is important to any visitors who come here and want to play golf. Several golf resorts are located here, and even tours on the Ho Chi Minh Golf Trail that stretches from Hanoi in the north to Ho Chi Minh City in the south will take a trip to Dalat for a few rounds.

One of the main attractions in Dalat has always been its weather, which is fairly cool even when the rest of the country is experiencing humid tropical heat. During the nineteenth century, this was the place to take holidays for the large number of expatriate colonials from France. They built beautiful vacation villas that are reminiscent of the holiday dachas around the Black Sea in Russia. This is still a prime vacation spot for expat residents as well as Vietnamese.

Attractions in Dalat city itself include the colonial architecture. Wide French boulevards are lined with lovely homes decorated with ornate wrought iron balconies and draped in the vivid colors of bougainvillea. Other attractions in Dalat include what is called the Bao Dai (the last Emperor of Vietnam) Palace. It is actually an art deco inspired holiday villa, and quite luxurious, but it is not a true palace. There are also a number of lovely pagodas, including the Phuoc Pagoda. One of the city’s museums is located in this pagoda, and there are breathtaking views of the city and valleys from the top floors. One of the country’s famous manmade urban lakes is also located here.

Most everyone who decides to indulge in Dalat travel will probably also visit the “Crazy House”—a rather extraordinary guesthouse. Built by a celebrated Vietnamese architect (Hang Nga), it offers the sort of off-kilter architecture that Alice might have seen after going through the looking glass combined with the real, but equally startling, Hunderdurtwasser buildings in Vienna in Austria. Some say it resembles the Swiss Family Robinson tree house, and you can find out for yourself because it is one of the Dalat hotels.

Dalat Vietnam is located in the foothills of the Annamite Mountains that lie between here and the city of Da Nang. The area is characterized by pine covered forests and verdant agricultural valleys. Those who come for holidays here will find excellent mountain cycling, hiking, and horseback riding. Dalat travel will often take you out of the city and into beautiful countryside. Backpackers and other intrepid traveler often set off into the central highlands, and use Dalat Vietnam as their jumping off point.

As in the mountains of the north, there are some fascinating tribes of ethnic minority people from the highlands. These include the Koho (or Co Ho) indigenous people. One of the things to do in Dalat is visit “Chicken Village.” You might hear several different versions of legends about why it is named Chicken Village. This is an authentic village of these friendly people, and you are free to wander around at you leisure and take photos. If you have booked vacation packages, this is one of the tours that is often included in the price. You can get in some souvenir shopping here for jewelry and other trinkets made by the people. Nearby is a silk factory that is also on the itinerary. Here you can see the entire process followed by some shopping for silk scarves and other local handcrafts.

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