Doc Let Beach

Doc Let Beach sits about 25 miles north of Nha Trang on Vietnam’s eastern coast which has become a popular sun destination for travelers visiting the country and surrounding South East Asian areas. Layers of natural attractions combine to create a scene that’s as irresistible as any tropical beach; lush, low mountains taper into verdant jungle which then meets a tangle of tropical foliage and eventually leads to 10-meter-high sand dunes and on to a fine, white sandy beach. The beach itself is wide, expanding into a crescent shape flanked by the sea on one side and thick jungle on the other that intersperses with guesthouses and hotels on the west side. In total, Doc Let, pronounced locally (and phonetically) as “yop lek,” is about five miles long, running from Hon Khoi to Dong Hai Village.

Doc Let’s main attraction is the beach without doubt but there are several others things to do and see nearby. Ninh Thuy, the nearby, traditional fishing village, is an interesting place to explore. The salt field in Hon Khoi is another noteworthy site, vast and open, and one of the best places to see the salt pans (between March and September, Hon Khoi’s salt is used for making fish sauce and also to preserve fish). Also around Doc Let Beach and Nha Trang are Yang Bay and Ba Ho Waterfall, Dienh Khanh Citadel, and Nha Phu Lagoon.

Staying on Doc Let Beach is the best way to enjoy the tropics, get away from crowds, and enjoy great views of nearby islands. Getting to the surrounding points of interest does require a little bit of travel, and due to the beach’s isolated nature, hiring transportation is the best way. It’s also fairly inexpensive as long as tourists have a rough idea of local prices. Doc Let offers some accommodation, mostly in small, traditional bungalow-style resorts. The alternative would be to take one of the many day trips leaving Nha Trang to visit and experience the beach. Many of these tours also visit popular Monkey Island.

Image: Cmic Blog (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0

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