Vietnam Islands

Numerous Vietnam islands dot the more than 2,100 miles of the country’s coastline. Some of these islands in Vietnam are uninhabited pristine places protected by national parks and sheltering the habitats of rare and endangered species. Most of the 2,000 or so islands in Halong Bay fall in this category, and many Vietnam island tours visit this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of the best scuba diving is available in this area, and there are some nice resorts on Cat Ba Island, one of the only islands in the bay that is inhabited. Even though this island is inhabited, more the half of its land area and much of its waters are protected by Cat Ba National Park.

The islands in Halong Bay can be visited on vacation packages and tours offered by companies in both Hai Phong and Hanoi. Romantic and luxurious tours of the islands in Halong Bay can include cruises on deluxe ships that are beautiful traditional sailing junks. These elegant small ships have deluxe cabins and will sleep between 16 and 30 passengers. They offer fine dining and superb views of the many limestone islands dotting the seascape.

At the other end of the country is the Mekong Delta region that takes up the entire southern tip of the country. One of the most beautiful Vietnam islands in this region is Phu Quoc Island, located in the Gulf of Thailand about 40 miles off the coast near the border with Cambodia.

Of all the islands in Vietnam this is the largest, measuring about 35 miles long and 20 miles across. Here you will find deserted beaches, as well as the beach (Long Beach) with the whitest sand in the country. Combine this with brilliant turquoise waters and magnificent sunsets, and you have an island paradise. This island is also known for its chili pepper fields, which you are sure to taste while dining on traditional seafood dishes. There is an airport here, and the flight is about one hour from Ho Chi Minh City. There is also a ferry, which you should avoid during the rainy season weather (June to September).

On the eastern side of the Mekong Delta area is Hon Ba Island. This is one of the uninhabited Vietnam islands even though local people are always present to protect its ancient temple. A number of tours from Vung Tau will come here just to visit the temple. It also attracts visitors because of its scenic appeal; it is a sheer mountain, jutting straight up out of the sea.

A bit further north up the eastern coast is Tam Island. This is one of the Islands in Vietnam that is a relatively well developed and very popular resort, with many outdoor activities and things to do. It is located only about three miles off the coast from Nha Trang, about halfway between Vung Tau and Da Nang. Fabulous coral reefs create excellent diving spots, and there are a number of beach resorts here. The island’s interior is covered in tropical forest and provides good hiking opportunities.

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