Mui Ne Beach

Beautiful Mui Ne Beach is sheltered from the heaviest rains of the surrounding area by the incredible sand dunes that are located just inland from the sea. This is the driest place in all of Southeast Asia, and the incredible dunes are quite similar to the landscapes you will see in the vast Sahara and Namib Deserts in Africa. Many who travel to Mui Ne Beach will take jeep tours into this otherworldly and unique area. You can rent a motorbike for the excursion; if you do, be sure to have enough water and fuel. This is true desert, and getting stranded is no joke. Whether you take yourself by motorbike or join a jeep tour, you should also bring good sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, and scarf or something similar to protect your nose and mouth from blowing sand. You can book tours through many of the Mui Ne hotels or look for operators in the nearby town of Phan Thiet.

In spite of the incredible dunes, most visitors come to Mui Ne Beach in Vietnam for the soft white sand of the beach. This was once nothing but a sleepy fishing village, but it has been developed in the last couple decades into one of the country’s premier beach resorts. Other than the pristine white sand beach that stretches a length of close to ten miles, one of the reasons that so many travel to Mui Ne Beach is the weather. Because of the dunes, this region has its own microclimate and does not suffer the same heavy rains of the monsoon season (June to September) as most of the rest of the coastline does. This means that it is virtually a year-round resort.

Mui Ne Beach in Vietnam still has small but picturesque traditional fishing village at the far east end of the beach. Otherwise, the entire stretch of beach is resort after resort on the beach side, and wonderful dining venues, bars with great nightlife, and shopping spots opposite. This has been one of the most popular (and very laid back) surfing beaches in the country for quite some time. Today, Mui Ne Beach is still fairly laid back and still a surfing mecca for board surfers, windsurfers, and kitesurfers.

The white sands of Mui Ne Beach in Vietnam can be compared to the kind of blissful tropical paradise that draws visitors to beautiful Bali in Indonesia and to Phuket in Thailand. This truly is an idyllic paradise, and the luxury hotels and resort complexes reflect that. The Coco Beach Resort boasts secluded thatched bungalows set on stilts. There are no distracting televisions, although you can get Internet service in the office. The Blue Ocean Resort boasts a stunning infinity pool right next to the beach. The Pandanus is closest to the sand dunes, as well as one of the largest resorts. Its long stretch of beach is private.

Travel to Mui Ne Beach will also provide plenty of other things to do. The sand dunes also have a couple of important lakes that can be included in a tour. You can book a dunes excursion that includes swimming in one of the lakes and picnic lunch. In addition to dunes tours, there are some excellent Cham era ruins and a giant reclining Sakiyamuni Buddha nearby. Other attractions of Mui Ne Beach include great golf at a couple 18-hole golf clubs, sailing, and diving.

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