Nha Trang Vietnam

If you are interested in including some of the Vietnam beaches in your Vietnam vacation, the beachside resort city of Nha Trang is a destination that deserves further investigation. Vietnamese natives and international tourists alike flock to Nha Trang Vietnam seeking fun in the sun, and the resorts here are testament to the city's popularity with travelers. In addition to resorts, Nha Trang also boasts some upscale hotels, so when it comes to lodging you'll be able to go the luxury route. If you want to save money on accommodations during your Nha Trang holiday, you can pass up the new resorts and stay at one of the cheap guesthouses, which are plentiful. When you're not enjoying the beaches here, or heading out to one of the outlying islands, you might find an eatery and indulge in some fresh seafood. Especially busy in the summer, Nha Trang Vietnam offers a thriving nightlife scene, and during the day, various watersports can be enjoyed, so a trip here can definitely be an active one.

Nha Trang
Nha Trang

Only around 300,000 people call Nha Trang home, so while it is an increasingly popular tourist destination, it still manages to maintain somewhat of a small town feel. After visiting the busier cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, a few days at Nha Trang can be just what the doctor ordered. Interestingly enough, Nha Trang Vietnam boasts the country's lowest humidity, so in addition to providing relief from urban life, it also offers a bit of a reprieve from the heat. When heading to the beaches in and around Nha Trang Town, you might play in the surf, do a little snorkeling, or even entertain the notion of going scuba diving. March through September is the best time to enjoy Nha Trang Vietnam scuba diving, and around town you will find a good number of dive operations, many of which are run by expatriates. As a point of interest, the area islands probably make for the best dive sites. The Hon Mun Marine Park encompasses some of the islands, and though it's a busy dive site visitors will be rewarded with coral and an array of marine life.

Cruises to nearby islands are also a good way to spend some of your time when enjoying a Nha Trang Holiday. Of course, lounging on the beaches is always a good thing to do, and the beach here is a pretty one so you'll enjoy some nice views while soaking up some sun. The soft sand here is backed by numerous coconut palms, while mountains rise from the sea in all directions. The water is turquoise and warm, so it is indeed alluring, as is the pleasant Nha Trang Vietnam climate. If you can pull yourself away from the Nha Trang beaches, in addition to cruises to the islands, visitors might consider a few area tours. Perhaps the Ba Ho Waterfall will pique your interest, or maybe you will be interested in a side trip to the Long Son Pagoda. Families arranging a Nha Trang holiday might add the National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam to their list of Nha Trang tourist stops. If you don't get the chance to do any snorkeling and scuba diving during your trip, this museum is a great place to view the kind of marine life you would see in the area waters, including reef sharks, sea horses, and turtles.

Some great restaurants can be found in Nha Trang Town, so dining will be just one of the many joys associated with Nha Trang travel. The Nha Trang Town restaurants offer a range of cuisines, from Vietnamese and Korean, to French and Mexican, so you can likely satisfy whatever taste you're in the mood for. Dinner with friends at one of the Nha Trang restaurants can be a perfect prelude to a night out on the town. That is, of course, if you have enough energy left over after a full day of fun in the sun. As for the nightlife here, there are some lively beachfront bars, which are known to get a bit crazy at times. In Nha Trang Town, most of the bars close at midnight with a few exceptions, and if you want to continue the party you can head back towards the beach, where some of the clubs extend the fun well into the night.

Fun, exciting, and relaxing all at once, Nha Trang Vietnam can deliver an all around terrific time, so it's definitely worth including in your Vietnam travel itinerary. Great weather and pristine beaches are just some of the reasons why this top Vietnam seaside resort is attracting more international tourists than ever, so plan your own trip, and see what Nha Trang travel is really all about.

Top image: Aleksandr Zykov (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0
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