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Vietnam can be an overwhelming country for tourists, as it is capable of delivering a bit of culture shock. The country also presents visitors with quite a diverse landscape, and the country's two main cities are some 1,100 miles apart. Because of these things, arranging a Vietnam vacation can be arduous and confusing. Helping to make a Vietnam vacation easier to approach are the various Vietnam tours. Vietnam package tours can include scuba diving one day, and a city tour the next. For those who might be apprehensive about exploring one of the country's larger cities, guided city tours can be an ideal way to ease into things. If you really want the full deal, you can even arrange Vietnam package tours that include everything, such as your airfare, accommodations, transportation, and various activities. Vietnam is embracing tourism more than ever, and the Vietnam tours are increasing in number, so you'll want to consider at least one tour during your Vietnam vacation.

Vietnam package tours that include everything are without question ideal for travelers who are visiting Vietnam for the first time. Of course, repeat travelers can also consider them, simply for the reason that they are about as low-hassle as you can get. When looking for Vietnam package tours, you'll notice that hotel choices can vary, so you can choose accordingly after considering your travel budget. For some, Vietnam package tours that include commercial flights will be just fine, while others might prefer to get here by way of a charter flight. One of the best things about the various package tours for Vietnam is the fact that they can often save you money. If you are concerned about these kinds of packages being too rigid, there are some available that allow for some independent travel on the side. Also, many of them offer great side excursions that you would probably have to arrange with another agency, helping to make Vietnam package tours convenient.

Vietnam tours can last just a few hours, or they can fill two weeks of time or more. For those who want to see a lot of Vietnam, extended tours of Vietnam are ideal. One option sees visitors arriving in Hanoi first. After spending time in the country's capital, it's off to see the sights at Halong Bay, followed by a trip to Hue, which was the ancient capital of Vietnam. Next on the itinerary is a trip down to Nha Trang, which is one of the best Vietnam beach resort towns. After some time in Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City is next on the agenda, and it's where you will eventually board your plane for the trip back home.

If you are traveling to Vietnam on your own and find yourself in either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, guided city tours are worth looking into. Of course, you can always arrange your own unguided Vietnam tours as well. Hanoi is excellent for walking tours, guided or not, with its Old Quarter being of particular interest. It's also prime for bicycle tours, which usually last one day. About 90 miles north of Ho Chi Minh City, the Cat Tien National Park is an excellent place for Vietnam tours, especially if you enjoy wildlife viewing and the great outdoors. Tours to Cat Tien National Park can surely be arranged in Ho Chi Minh City, and among the creatures you might spot while hiking the trails here are Javan rhinos, Asian elephants, and yellow-cheeked Gibbons, among many others.

Heading back north near Hanoi, the Halong Bay cruises are easily among the most popular tours of Vietnam. Lasting usually two to three days, these cruises allow guests to soak up some sun, dine on fresh seafood, watch the sunset, and plenty more. Northern Vietnam is home to an array of ethnic minorities, and those interested in taking in some local culture can enjoy Vietnam tours that head north from Hanoi. Much like the Quechua people who inhabit the Andes Mountains of Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia, the highlands cultures of Vietnam predominantly wear colorful and traditional clothing, which helps to make for a most authentic travel experience.

Tours of Vietnam can include a range of interests. Scuba diving packages that include diving in Nha Trang can often also feature a city tour of Ho Chi Minh City, which allows guests to see more than just one side of Vietnam. If you like history, Vietnam historical tours might be the best fit. The temples and colonial-era buildings found in some of Vietnam's cities are fascinating to visit, so you might include at least a small historical tour on the side if you have the time. Plan your Vietnam tours today, and see for yourself how complete and exciting the possibilities are!

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