South Pacific Islands

The South Pacific Islands are one of the most relaxing and popular vacation destinations in the southern hemisphere. South Pacific vacations often include a tour of Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand, although any of these locations make a great place to vacation on their own.

For anyone planning to travel Australia, you'll find there is a lot to pack in. Whether you visit Ayers Rock, take in a show at the world famous Sydney Opera House, scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef, trek through the Australian Outback, or hike through the incredible Daintree Rainforest, Australia is an exceptional paradise. With the kangaroo as its most recognizable icon, the lowest population density in the world, and over 7,000 beaches, Australia has been beckoning travelers to the South Pacific Islands for decades.

Travel Australia major cities, such as Sydney, Perth, or Melbourne, and you'll find a modern mix of exciting urban life. With great shopping, world-class restaurants featuring unique cuisine, and a bevy of festivals and holidays, Australia is a special gem in the southern hemisphere. To travel Australia and take advantage of an Australia travel package, contact a travel agent or book your Australia travel package online in advance. An Australia travel package can include anything from wine tours, to South Pacific cruises, to treks of every kind.

For most travelers, travel to Fiji is synonymous with warmth. From the warmth of the beaches to the warmth of the people, travel to Fiji takes tourists to an island that remains a tropical paradise, with a mix of Hindu and South Pacific Island cultures. Adventurers who travel to Fiji have many activities to choose from; Fiji is one of the best places in the South Pacific Islands to scuba dive, with an expansive coral reef stretching along much of the coast. Even for those who don't scuba dive, a drive along the Coral Coast Highway with a stop at the Pacific Harbour Cultural Centre & Market Place is an excellent way to spend an afternoon in the South Pacific Islands. Another popular trip is the Island Express tour of Mamanucas, which takes guests along a beautiful scenic route, stopping in Nadi Town and Lautoka for shopping and further sightseeing.

Although many travel to Fiji for a short while as they continue to explore the rest of the South Pacific Islands, there is enough to do in Fiji to make it a vacation destination of its own. Travelers taking South Pacific vacations during the month of November will experience a South Pacific Islands treat; Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights takes place during the first week of this month, and celebrations throughout Fiji feature an array of lights, merriment, and sweet foods. Whether you choose to tour a city or a natural wonder, the travel to Fiji includes special blend of shopping, tours, and beach activities. With a bevy of South Pacific Cruises to Fiji, travel to Fiji is a great place to relax in the sun.

New Zealand
Widely considered to be the adventure capital of the world, travel to New Zealand has plenty of active pursuits to choose from. The world's first ever bone fide bungee jumping company started here, and if you travel to New Zealand you'll find bungee jumping locations in most major cities (and smaller ones as well). The country of New Zealand is made up of two separate islands, referred to simply as north and south. Auckland, located in the north island of New Zealand, is the most populated and urban city in the country, and is the center of business and commerce in New Zealand. Wellington, also in the north, is the capital of New Zealand, and has a host of historical museums, like the popular Te Papa Tongarewa Museum, as well as a taste of nature, found at such sights as the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary.

Travel to New Zealand in the south island is full of active pursuits. A ferry cruise runs between the two islands, and guests will usually find themselves in the city of Christchurch upon arriving. From here, most folks who travel to New Zealand make their way to the incredibly popular city of Queenstown. Probably the most famous city in New Zealand, Queenstown is full of breathtaking adventure. From riding the city's gondola, which stretches out across foothills and offers an incredible view of Queenstown below, to taking part in an array of skydiving, bungee jumping, and other extreme adventures, Queenstown is by far the center for tourists and travelers of every kind. Even those looking to explore the city in a more quiet way will find that there is a myriad of available hikes, from the Abel Tasman Coast Track, or the Heaphy Track, both of which reward hikers with stunning, sweeping views of beautiful New Zealand.

With far more to offer then extreme adventures, one of the most fascinating natural wonders you'll find when you travel to New Zealand is the Franz Glacier in the city of Franz Josef. Hikers can walk right up to, and on, the glacier, and access to Franz is more convenient then any other glacier in the world. As the dollar has been quite strong for a number of years, those who travel to New Zealand on a budget will want to book packages in advance to take advantage of the best deals for South Pacific vacations in travel to New Zealand.

South Pacific Island travel can be on the expensive side, but the upscale beaches and fascinating sites are worth the extra cost. Check with travel companies for special budget offers and promotional deals on South Pacific Islands travel, South Pacific cruise, and other South Pacific vacations.



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