Australia is the world's driest inhabited continent, but Australia travel is anything but boring. Australia's first colonial contact with Europe brought scores of convicts from London and various parts of England, however in later years settlers came to farm and start a new life. Modern Australia has evolved greatly since those early colonial days, and still boasts a thriving Indigenous culture. Offering everything from fine dining and shopping, to rainforest tours and outback adventures, travel in Australia has something for everyone. When traveling, a good Australia travel guide can be a useful source for consultation and advice.

A typical Australia travel guide will handily split the nation into six main sections. Queensland, Victoria, West Australia, New South Wales, the Northern Territory, and the island of Tasmania make up the country, and travel in Australia can be most easily managed by researching an Australia travel guide using these divisions.

When planning your travel in Australia, be sure to leave time to see all that the unique Australian landscape has to offer. Due to the fact that Australia has developed as an isolated continent, the country offers the most diverse group of life forms to be found anywhere on the planet. From sites such as the Daintree Rainforest, touted as the world's safest rainforest, to Ayers Rock, the world's largest monolith, travel in Australia offers a special opportunity for travelers to a unique group of sites.

Australia's diversity draws travelers from all around the world, and an Australia travel vacation can be tailored to fit your specific plans. Learning a little about Australia before making the trek can be helpful. Before you visit Australia, be sure to read about accommodation options. Since Australia is an incredibly popular destination, many travel companies offer vacation packages that can include tours of adventure in Australia, cruises, and hotels, all for a single price. Booking activities in advance is also a great way to learn about Australia, and decide what sites will be a priority when you actually visit Australia.

In addition to coral wonders, eucalyptus, and one-of-a-kind animals, to visit Australia travelers should also leave time to enjoy the nightlife and cultural adventure in Australia. An exciting mix of European and Indigenous traditions comprise a wide range of festivals and events, and must be included when tourists visit Australia. The world famous Sydney Opera House hosts an arts festival each January, and of course offers a schedule of various plays and performances throughout the year. Even if you aren't able to make it to Sydney, you'll find that Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Canberra all boast major arts festivals, showcasing music, theatre, dance, and more.

While a trip down under can include anything from renting a car and crashing at hotels, or taking a cruise and sailing about the ports, an adventure in Australia is sure to be had. To learn more about Australia, or visit Australia, be sure to check out all of the great activities, accommodations, and options for your stay. Whether you have a week or a month, your Australia travel adventure will never need have a dull moment.

Top image: Tourism Australia

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