Flights to Australia

Flying to the world’'s southernmost continent may, at first glance, seem like an expensive endeavor, but cheap flights to Australia can be had with a little patience and investigative homework. Australia'’s peak tourist season is October through February (the southern hemisphere’'s summer), and flights to Australia from North America and Europe during this time can be what you might call expensive. However, cheap flights to Australia during its off-season, June through September, can be nearly half the price or better if you know where to look.

Finding airline tickets to Australia is easy, thanks to online search options and the abundance of knowledgeable travel agents. Trips and flights to Australia can be designed on one’'s own by the savvy traveler, or they can be purchased---along with accompanying airfare---along with one of several Australian travel packages.

Qantas Airlines, a leading Australian airline since 1920, regularly offers worthwhile Australia flight deal options, along with Australia travel packages in partnership with car rental companies, hotels, and tour packages. Cheap flights to Australia from New Zealand and surrounding areas are available through Virgin Blue, Australia’'s newer, semi-domestic low fare airline.

Flights to Australia, from North America in particular, means a lengthy trip---roughly 20 hours from the U.S., and may include a stop in another U.S. city before the main flight to the Down Under. It is important to keep this in mind when planning your Australian adventure, as the round trip—with accompanying airport wait time, check-in, and possible delays---counts as two full days of your vacation.

Australia is home to several international airports, which can be found in nearly all major Australian cities. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Darwin are just a few of the strategically located airports on the continent, and offer a convenient starting point to any Australian adventure.

Australia travel packages vary widely. A traveler can city-hop among Australia’s several exciting metropolitan wonders, take the rugged route throughout the famous Australian Outback, or combine both in one of several comprehensive Australia travel packages. Several smaller, national Australian airports throughout the country make airline travel convenient. Alice Springs Airport, located in Alice Springs, the “"capital of the Outback"” in Central Australia, offers daily flights on Quantas and Virgin Blue airlines.

If you'’re not intimidated by the flight length you will surely be able to find an Australia flight deal that works for you and enables you to get the most out of your trip to this beautiful country.

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