Australia Beach Resorts

There are Australia Beach resorts of all descriptions along the thousands of miles of coastline that encircle this island nation. You can find many properties that offer luxury beach lodging in Australia where every need is seen to by attentive staff and every facility and amenity is available at your fingertips. But one thing to remember is that the word "resort" in the land of Down Under often refers to the things to do and sights that an extraordinary location provide. Many of these Australia beach resorts are in very remote areas that also are rugged, and Aussie luxury sometimes means you make your own bed and do your own laundry in beach rentals that also happen to be located in beautiful surroundings.

Some beachfront resorts in Australia provide lodging akin to a motel. This is especially true in regions like Ningaloo Reef and Cable Beach on the remote western coast. The Ningaloo Reef Resort in Coral Bay is such a place, providing clean, comfortable rooms with "luxuries" like the nearly mandatory air-conditioning needed in this hot desert-like environment where you can go scuba diving with the world's largest fish (the monstrous whale shark), dolphins, manta rays, and endangered sea turtles.

If you plan on riding the waves in the country's legendary surfing capital in Gold Coast, you might find that your beachfront resorts in Australia require you to cook your own meals, do your own laundry, and make your own bed. Part of the Aussie lifestyle is self-reliance, and beach rentals here are plentiful. They provide access to the surfing areas that are the true draw of the region, and allow you to lead the laid-back casual lifestyle that is a hallmark of the country. On the other end of the scale, you can find the comforts (and expense) of true luxury beach lodging in Australia in places like the exclusive Palazzo Versace in Gold Coast. This is one of the finest luxury hotels in the world, with a private marina for sailing guests who arrive in their own yachts and sumptuous rooms, suites, and condos that boast private plunge pools and spas.

Many beachfront resorts in Australia also reflect the country's love of its wildlife, and pristine unspoiled places. This means that many properties along the coast are eco-friendly and they take great pains to protect the environment while still providing a very high level of service and comfort. You will find this at the Southern Ocean Lodge (pictured) on Kangaroo Island. This very deluxe wilderness property sits on a dramatic cliff over one of the island's virtually deserted beaches. Suites provide breathtaking views from their private terraces and the property has an exclusive full-service spa and some of the finest gourmet dining in the country. Like many Australia beach resorts in remote regions, water is solar heated and much of the food in the world-class restaurant is grown locally.

You can even find luxury beach lodging in Australia in its largest city. Sydney has the same sort of spectacular urban beaches that make Rio de Janeiro famous. Legendary Bondi Beach is the city's equivalent of Copacabana Beach. Here you will find the Swiss Grand Resort and Spa. This all-suite resort bills itself as a 4.5 star property, and boasts several restaurants, a pampering day spa, facilities for weddings and other special events, and panoramic views of the country's most iconic beach.

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