Cairns Beaches

The Cairns beaches include some delightful strips of sand, and as is true of the city itself, these strips have become tourist hot spots in recent years—they're among the more popular beaches in Australia. This is especially the case with Trinity Beach and Palm Cove Beach. Both communities feature high class accommodations, and beachgoers don’t have to stray too far from the water in order to find shops, restaurants, bars, and any other number of things.

The best beaches near Cairns begin on the city’s northern edge and extend northward some 16 miles. Communities that are collectively known as the Northern Beaches have sprung up around these coveted strips of sand, and they offer all kinds of lodging and activity options between them. More specifically, the Northern Beaches communities are Machan’s Beach, Holloway’s Beach, Yorkey’s Knob, Trinity Beach, Kewarra Beach, Clifton Beach, and Palm Cove.

The Cairns beaches are largely unspoiled, and thanks to the fact that the Great Barrier Reef lies offshore, their waters remain relatively tranquil. This makes for some appetizing swimming conditions, and it is good to know that all of the beaches set up small, netted areas for safe swimming during the October to May box jellyfish season.

When a break from swimming at the beach is in order, Northern Beaches visitors can indulge in any other number of fun activities. Among other things, these activities include golfing, shopping, hiking, sailing, fishing, canoeing and windsurfing.

Since there are hotels to fit most tastes and budgets in the beach communities north of Cairns, many travelers choose to secure beach accommodations when visiting the area. When it comes time to enjoy other Cairns attractions, it is just a short trip into town, and air travelers will be happy to know that it doesn’t take long to get from the Cairns Airport to any of the Northern Beaches communities.

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