Broome Australia

Broome Australia is one of the country’s fastest-growing towns and serves as a major gateway to the Kimberley region. This region covers the northern part of Western Australia and gets its name from the fact that it has much in common with the Kimberley region of South Africa. Both regions share similar landscapes and are places where diamonds have been discovered.

Diamonds aren’t the only gems that helped put inviting Broome Australia on the world map. The tourist-friendly town has long been known for its pearling industry. In the 1800's, much of this industry revolved around mother of pearl, which was largely used to make buttons in the early days. In more modern times, cultured pearls reign supreme, as is evidenced by the area’s cultured pearl farms.

The pearling industry in Broome Australia was responsible for attracting many Asian divers to the country’s northwest coast. Many of these divers lost their lives while working in the industry, and one of the town’s main attractions is related to this somber fact. Known as the Japanese Cemetery, this cemetery on Port Drive features more than 900 graves, the likes of which are designated by headstones with ornate inscriptions.

Because of its pearling history, Broome Australia has a very multi-cultural edge. This has a lot to do with its Asian history and population. Among the best places to get some multi-cultural exposure is the town’s Chinatown district. Among other things, this district features unique architecture and a variety of enticing shops. Some of the shops are pearl shops, and the district is home to several cafes for those who are looking to take a break while shopping or sightseeing. You can find the Broome Chinatown area in the center of town on Carnavon Street and Dampier Terrace, and if nothing else, you might drop by to see a movie at the Sun Pictures outdoor cinema.

One of the main reasons why so many people choose to include a visit to Broome on their Australia vacation itinerary is the fact that the town isn’t far from one of the best beaches on the west coast. This beach is known as Cable Beach. You can find this delightful strip of white sand a little less than four miles outside of town, to be more exact, and there is a local bus that heads there on a regular basis. As for things to do at Cable Beach, it is a popular place to swim or enjoy other water sport activities, at least when marine stingers aren’t present. These creatures tend to populate the area waters between the months of November through May. Cable Beach is also known for being a great place to enjoy sunsets. Many people actually park their four wheel drive vehicles on the firm sand at sunset, and some even set up tables and chairs for a sunset dining and/or drinking session.

During a visit to Cable Beach, some people choose to treat themselves to a camel ride on the sand. These rides are most popular at sunset and tend to last around an hour. This beach is also a good place to do a little surfing. At least one local operation offers surfing lessons, particularly during the months of August and September. Also found at Cable Beach is an amphitheater that plays host to numerous events during the dry season, and not far from the sand are a number of restaurants.

Touring Chinatown and hanging out on the beach certainly aren’t the only options for things to do on a Broome Australia escape. Among the other options are visiting a local pearl farm, enjoying a boat tour along the coast, fishing on the Indian Ocean, taking a tour of the Broome Crocodile Park, or doing some sightseeing within the confines of the Malcolm Douglas Wildlife Wilderness Park. Seeing what’s on display at area art galleries is just one more way to keep busy, and it is possible to organize a variety of tours that highlight the Kimberley region.

Regardless of what you have in mind for your Broome visit, you will likely be in need of a place to stay. In recent times, the town’s tourism industry has grown considerably and there are plenty of options in the lodging department. Hostels mix with resorts, eco retreats, and stylish hotels. There are also self-catering accommodations for those who have that in mind. In relation to the Broome hotels and resorts, none is arguably better than the rather upscale and complete Cable Beach Club Resort. Other recommendations include the eight-unit McAlpine House Hotel, the Mangrove Resort Hotel, and the Seashells Resort. As for other lodging recommendations, they can be obtained at the Broome Visitor Centre, which is situated along the Broome Highway at Short Street.

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