Cairns Australia Weather Forecast

A general Cairns Australia weather forecast deems that it is hot and humid in the summer and mild and dry in the winter months. To describe the overall climate, the words warm and tropical apply. As for averages, Cairns Australia has an average annual temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The annual average humidity comes out to around 62 percent. April through October is widely considered to be the best time to visit.

Summer in Cairns: According to some, there are only two real seasons in Cairns Australia. These seasons are the wet season and the dry season. The rain can come down in loads during the wet season, and this has something to do with the fact that the general region is known as the Wet Tropics. The summer months fall into the wet season category, and the daily temperatures average somewhere around 88 degrees Fahrenheit. February and March are the rainiest months on average.

Fall in Cairns: During the autumn months in Cairns, the daily highs essentially range between 80 and 87 degrees. As you might imagine, it gets cooler as winter approaches. In relation to rainfall amounts, the fall season in Cairns is part of the wet monsoon season, so heavy rainfalls are common. These rainfalls help to sustain regional rainforests such as the Daintree Rainforest.

Winter in Cairns: The winter season in Cairns isn’t exactly known for its cold temperatures. The average lows during this season average around 63 degrees after all. The average highs, on the other hand, hover around 78 degrees. Winter is part of the June to October dry season, though this doesn’t mean that winter visitors should leave all their rain gear at home. Showers are nonetheless relatively frequent the Wet Tropics.

Spring in Cairns: While not as dry as winter on average, spring is still a relatively dry period in the Cairns area. As for the temperatures, the daily highs range between 82 and 87 degrees. The daily lows tend to fall somewhere between 65 and 72 degrees. It is still quite humid in the spring, though the humidity levels are lower than they are in the summer and the fall. Combine this with the relatively low rainfall, and it can be a great time to visit.



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