Cottesloe Beach

The Perth metropolitan area, much like the metropolitan area of Sydney, is home to some wonderful beaches that are popular among locals and visitors alike. In Perth, one such beach is Cottesloe Beach. Among the things that help this beach stand out are its fashionable edge and its family friendly appeal.

Hanging out at Cottesloe Beach can make for a wonderful day. A lovely crescent of sand, this beach meets the blue waters of the Indian Ocean and is backed by attractive terraced lawns. Several Norfolk pine trees provide shady areas, though most visitors choose to find non-shady spots so that they can soak up some sun. On the beach, it is common for sand volleyball and sand cricket matches to break out, while those who take to the water often engage in some swimming, body boarding, or surfing. Snorkeling is also a relatively popular pursuit at Cottesloe Beach, as there are rock and reef areas that can be easily accessed.

No discussion about Cottesloe Beach would be complete without mentioning the building that sits right on its sands. Formerly known as the Indiana Tea House, this building now goes by the name of the Indiana Cottesloe Beach. Visitors can get some breakfast at this popular venue during the morning hours, and the onsite bistro opens at 11:30 am and doesn’t close until the nighttime hours. A beach bar that is connected to an open-air terrace is also among the things that the Indiana Cottesloe Beach has to offer, and the attractive venue can be used for weddings and other private functions.

Cottesloe Beach is just a fifteen-minute drive from downtown Perth. Many visitors arrive by bus from the city, and it is also possible to hop on a Cottesloe-bound train in Perth proper. Some Cottesloe hotels provide good places to stay for those who wish to remain within walking range of the Cottesloe Beach sands, and the beachside community is also home to good bars and cafes.

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