Gold Coast Surfing

Gold Coast surfing is known for its quality. In fact, many surfing enthusiasts consider this city in southeastern Queensland to be one of Australia’s top surfing destinations. The consistent waves are largely responsible for the surfing attention that Gold Coast gets, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the city’s 35-mile coastline features some very alluring surf breaks. Four of these breaks are of the point break variety, and they are often referred to using words such as epic and legendary.

Beach breaks mix with point breaks along the Gold Coast coastline. Some of the best beach breaks are those that are found at The Spit, Narrowneck, and Mermaid Beach. Also worth mentioning are the beach break banks at Main Beach and Palm Beach. As for the epic and legendary point breaks, they include the Snapper Rocks Superbank, Burleigh Heads, Kirra, and South Stradbroke Island.

Most of the time, the waves that crash into the Gold Coast beaches are one and two-foot swells. These kinds of waves are especially ideal for beginner surfers, and it certainly isn’t difficult to arrange surfing lessons in this popular coastal area. As for those who are interested in riding some larger waves, those are common enough along the Gold Coast. Every couple of months or so, especially strong swells really get the breaks pumping, and that’s when the most advanced surfers are known to flock to these beaches.

Big storms are often at the root of things when the surf is at its strongest along the Gold Coast beaches, so surfing enthusiasts are definitely encouraged to keep an eye on the regional weather when planning their visits. Also worth keeping in mind is that Gold Coast locals are known to guard their preferred territory when the waves are at their best. This is pretty standard practice in the surfing world, and outsiders are expected to exercise a certain amount of etiquette.

Not only is it easy to arrange surfing lessons in the Gold Coast area. This surfing paradise is also a great place to rent a board. The best surfboard rental companies let patrons keep their boards for the full duration of their visit. This erases the need to keep returning to the shop, which in turn frees up more time for surfing.

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