Princess Cruises Great Barrier Reef

Princes Cruises Great Barrier Reef itineraries bring you up close to one of the most amazing places in earth. The crystal-clear blue waters and rainbow of marine life look even more amazing the closer you get to them. One the best ways to see the Great Barrier Reef animals up close is with a cruise—leaving behind the mainland in search of some truly unforgettable scenery.

Two companies offer Princess Cruises Great Barrier Reef expeditions. The first, Princess Cruises, offers several itineraries that include time in Australia's great natural wonder. During shore leave at Cid Harbour, cruise ship passengers have a lot of options for their Great Barrier Reef vacations, including snorkeling and a visit to a spa. There's also the chance to include a Great Barrier Reef cruise during this time away from the big ship; you could step aboard a catamaran for a guided tour or enjoy an excursion aboard a sailboat.

Coral Princess began to offer Great Barrier Reef tours in 1984 using a converted submarine chaser from World World II. Over the years, the eco-conscious company began to add more soft adventure itineraries, expanding both their fleet and available Great Barrier Reef cruise options. Today, vacationers have the chance to book overnight cruises at three, four, or seven nights, as well as longer excursions that visit Kimberley and the northern shores of Australia. Other itineraries offer the chance to see Papua New Guinea, the Melanesia Islands, and New Zealand on various excursions.

Whichever Australian itinerary you choose, you'll have plenty of time to experience the unique ecosystem up close. The company's cruise ships are large enough to provide comfortable and luxurious accommodations, but small enough for in-depth tours of the Great Barrier Reef. Guests can see underwater for themselves with some time for some diving and snorkeling. Or, if you prefer, you don't have to get wet at all with a glass-bottom boat tour or a visit to Lizard Island. Coral Princess Cruises Great Barrier Reef adventures also give you exclusive access to Pelorus Island as well as time on the mainland in Cairns and the tropical community of Townsville.

While many explorers choose to spend several days on a Great Barrier Reef cruise, others add a quick excursion or two to their shoreline itineraries. Many tour companies offer short-term excursions, including sightseeing sails and off-shore diving support. Many of the Great Barrier Reef accommodation providers have concierges who can make recommendation for a nearby cruise that will fit into your vacation plans.

All of the Great Barrier Reef tours offer the chance to see spectacular scenery, but a visit to the Agincourt Reef on the outer edge the ecosystem. Ribbons of reef habitat, not seen elsewhere, are parallel to the continental shelf. This rarely visited wonder is filled with colors and scenery sure to take your breath away, and the particularly clear waters make it easy to see what lies beneath. It's no surprise that some of the most amazing Great Barrier Reef snorkeling is found along the outer edges along this reef.

One tour company leads a trip to this reef filled with lots of interesting information and amazing sights. After morning tea, a marine biologist will give a talk and the crew will lead a fish-feeding presentation. Tour participants have the chance to do some snorkeling to see the fish and coral from an even closer range.

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