Great Barrier Reef Diving

Great Barrier Reef diving excursions off the coast of Australia take you below the surface into a world filled with color and amazing sights. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world's great natural wonders and a place that invites exploration. Many expert divers and plenty of novices dream about exploring this marine marvel, and those who do will be rewarded with experiences that simply can't be duplicated elsewhere. When you add in scuba diving adventures, you can experience this underwater world whether you're mild at heart or seeking adventure.

There are other coral reefs in the world, but this one is has earned its greatness for a reason. The largest system of reefs on the planet—and the largest structure built by living creatures—is made up of nearly 3,000 individual reefs giving you many options for Great Barrier Reef diving. With thousands of miles of coastline and hundreds of islands, there's nearly no end to the options of what to include on your Great Barrier Reef vacation. With a sub-tropical climate and an abundance of sunshine, you can plan to hit the water whatever time of year you vacation in Australia.

Great Barrier Reef scuba and snorkeling adventures are easy to find—nearly any beach you choose can set the stage for Great Barrier Reef tours under the surface. Without fancy equipment or a months of training, you can take a dip beneath the surface. Many of the local outfitters and dive shops, which are in abundant supply up and down the coast, can provide equipment, a little training, or guided excursions to get you started. You'll also find trips among the menu of options at many of the resorts, especially those located on the more isolated islands.

The same dive shops and outfitters can help you get going with Great Barrier Reef diving adventures. You won't have to worry about trying to fit flippers in your suitcase when leaving home when you rely on an Australian outfitter to take care of all the details of your underwater adventure, from dive tanks to masks and more. You also can rely on a local outfitter to arrange the details of your outing, including boat trips and meals. They also can make sure you're certified for longer and more extensive dives.

Many first-time underwater adventurers find Great Barrier Reef scuba diving a great way to get started. You still have the satisfaction of seeing the Great Barrier animals and plants and spend time in their world without extensive PADI training or time to invest. Between Cairns and Port Douglas, two exciting coastal towns, there are many spots perfect for scuba diving. Agincourt Reef, in the north, is one of the inner reefs that are favored by first-timers and experts alike, along with Tongue Reef, and Michaelmas Cay. Local outfitters provide transportation from the mainland, both day trips and overnight adventures.

Farther away from the mainland, there are reefs and island that few people have ever seen. Traveling with a skilled guide and tour outfitter will take you to places you couldn't find on your own for Great Barrier Reef scuba diving. Great Keppel Island, rimmed by miles and miles of white-sand beaches, is a unique staging point for diving excursions. On the way to the island on one of the Great Barrier Reef cruises, you can spend your time admiring the scenery and sipping tea. Once you arrive, you'll have the opportunity to dive below the surface and see the wonderful world beneath. If you're not staying at the resort, you can return in the evening, ready to swap stories about the sea turtles, schools of fish, and other interesting sights you witnessed while diving.

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