Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling

Great Barrier Reef snorkeling opens up a window to an amazing world. This underwater marvel is one of the best of the natural world, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the most scenic places on earth to explore. Like Great Barrier Reef diving adventures, taking a dip below the waters of the coral-created wonderland is something you won't soon forget. Throughout the eastern coast of Australia, you'll find many outfitters that offer Great Barrier Reef snorkeling packages and many opportunities to strap on a mask and see what lies beneath.

Great Keppel Island is a popular launching point for Great Barrier Reef snorkeling tours. The clear, calm waters off its white-sand beaches provide a home for a diverse array Great Barrier Reef animals. As diverse as living reefs made out corals, friendly green turtles, and so many more, the animal life you'll discover under the water is simply unmatched on land. The entire island, located just north of the Tropic of Capricorn, is rimmed by white-sand beaches. On land, you'll find unparalleled bird-watching opportunities in search of rainbow-colored lorikeets and kookaburras. Captain Cook found the island in 1770, and ever since, people have been entranced by the natural wonders here.

For those planning on doing some Great Barrier Reef snorkeling, they have two distinct ways of getting to the island. A 30-minute fast ferry ride is all that separates the island from the coast, while flights are readily available from the Rockhampton airport on the mainland. One ferry company offers Great Barrier Reef snorkeling packages that begin with a 1.5-hour boat ride from the mainland with morning tea available on the ride over. Then you'll have a few hours to enjoy snorkeling and other beach adventures before gathering for lunch that includes a local favorite—prawns. If you'll really enchanted by Keppel Island, you could stay at the resort and spend a few days soaking in all the island has to experience.

You don't to have to travel very far from the mainland to experience Great Barrier Reef snorkeling. The beaches that rim the coast are a natural choice for snorkeling. You don't need a lot of equipment or advanced planning to add some snorkeling to your Great Barrier Reef vacation plans. If you're already at the beach, it's not time consuming or expensive to get the equipment you need for Great Barrier Reef snorkeling tours beneath these Australian waters.

While it's a snap to get started with snorkeling, if you really want a good handle on Australia's natural marine wonderland, consider a trip with an experienced outfitter. With Great Barrier Reef snorkeling packages, you can experience a snorkeling excursion along with added amenities like meals or a talk from a naturalist. Stepping aboard Great Barrier Reef cruises is a great way to get to snorkeling sites you couldn't find on your own.

In the town of Cairns, right on the center of coast, you'll find many Australian snorkeling adventures and departure points for cruises. You'll find everything you'd expect from a chic coastal city such as resorts, shopping boutiques, and fine restaurants. But thanks to the warm semi-tropical climate year-round, you can add time at the beach—and under its waters—to the list of vacation options. Its mainland beaches, which the locals call the North Beaches, are a popular starting point for Great Barrier Reef snorkeling tours.

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