Great Barrier Reef Tours

Great Barrier Reef tours introduce a world that is like no other. This world of colorful corals, clear waters, and marvelous marine life lies off the northeastern coast of Australia's Queensland Province. Whether you're planning to experience Great Barrier Reef tours from Sydney or spending your whole vacation along the reef, you'll be inspired by nature. The Great Barrier Reef has been declared a World Heritage Site and one of the world's great natural wonders for good reason.

Whatever you decide to pack into your Great Barrier Reef vacation, you'll be spending some time on the water. The amount of time and the skills needed are up to you. Even if you're not a world-class diver, you can still take a peek beneath the surface. No masks or tanks are needed to take Great Barrier Reef boat tours, so everybody of any age or courage level can experience the underground marine world. Many of the tour companies operate glass-bottom boats and lead rides on submersible vehicles, offering a window on the colorful world below.

Transforming Great Barrier Reef tours into an eco-tour is a fascinating way to know more about Australia's unique natural wonder. Many Great Barrier Reef boat tours bring the world of the reef to life with on-board observatories and naturalists talks. An on-board touch tank is another way to see the wildlife up close; after all, it's not every day you get to pet a ray or get up close to a sea star. Access to the reef is limited to certified companies, which helps keep this fragile ecosystem there for future generations, who will be sure to add Great Barrier Reef tours from Sydney to their future vacation plans.

If you really want to get up close to the Great Barrier Reef animals, you have many options. Several boat tours include time in the water in their available itineraries. Some will include time for snorkeling, handing out masks for anyone who wants one, and instructions about what to expect beneath the surface. You also could don a specially designed helmet that allows you to breathe normally as you would on land, and you don't even have to get your hair wet as you're swimming among the sea turtles and rainbows of corals. Most of these itineraries include meals and snacks during the trip, everything you need to enjoy a full day on the water.

Diving is another popular addition to Great Barrier Reef tours. If you're a skilled diver and already PADI-certified, you could sign up for a tour that includes transportation to one of the far-off isolated reefs. Newer divers can include lessons in their tour itineraries and head out with a local guide for their Great Barrier Reef diving excursions. Even the newest diver can spend time in this underwater wonderland.

Whichever kind of tour you're looking for, you have many options for where to begin. Some of the tours kick off from the mainland ports, especially Cairns and Port Douglas. These shoreline towns offer everything you'd expect, including great beaches and hotels. You could easily spend one day touring the reef and the experiencing what's available on land. Other travelers choose to add Great Barrier Reef tours from Sydney to their vacation plans. If you're already in Australia's biggest city, you could catch a bus to one of the port cities or even a flight. Or you could take one of the multi-day cruises that makes includes both Sydney and the points north on the itinerary.

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