Great Barrier Reef Vacations

Great Barrier Reef vacations open up access to cities on the mainland and cities created by coral. Whether you're in view of the water or underneath it, the Great Barrier reef region is a marine wonderland worth exploring. The reef parallels the northeastern coast of Australia's Queensland Province, easy to access from the mainland and its many barrier islands. While it's true that snorkeling and diving are the best-known ways to explore, they're just the beginning of adventures to be enjoyed on Great Barrier Reef vacation packages.

This coast and islands enjoy a semi-tropical climate and year-round pleasant weather. No matter which time of year you plan Great Barrier Reef vacations, you can expect to find sunny days and warm temperatures. With so many white-sand coasts and inviting blue waters, you'll want to spend at least some of your vacation time at the beach. With thousands of miles of coastline, you'll be sure to a find a beach that perfectly suits your needs. Some are located just minutes from chic shopping and city centers, while others lie off the the beaten path or next to Great Barrier Reef accommodation providers. Some of the best beaches are located on the southern part of the Queensland coast, along the Pacific Ocean, including Noosa and Surfers Paradise.

Many of the resorts along the beach offer Great Barrier vacation packages besides easy access to the coast. If you choose one of the big hotels in Cairns or a totally unique resort on one of the islands, you'll get more than a place to spend of the night. Many of the accommodation providers include outdoor adventure in their menu of options for Great Barrier Reef vacations, while the staff members are eager to make suggestions for the best place for Great Barrier Reef diving or other underwater adventures.

While some vacationers anchor on land, others explore the area from the water. Several outfitters offer Great Barrier Reef cruises ranging from an afternoon to multiple overnights. On a short excursion, you'll have to chance to see some amazing sites—in fact, the reef has been declared one of the wonders of the natural world and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Access is limited to a certain number of cruise companies, although there are plenty of options available for Great Barrier Reef vacation packages.

With extended cruises, you'll have time to see parts of the ecosystem that very few travelers ever have the chance to experience. Just off the Cape York Peninsula, Haggerstone Island may not be one of the world's most popular islands, but it is a treasure for those who add it to their Great Barrier Reef vacations. This exclusive little island refines the words pristine; here visitors can cast a line or dip under the water for some snorkeling among shipwrecks and colorful coral reefs.

Like any diverse region, Queensland is home to everything you need for a vacation—a place to stay, plenty of things to do, and other things to round out an itinerary. But the scenery makes this vacation getaway an escape like no other. Whatever you pack into your tours, you'll be surrounded by some amazing natural wonders and you'll have the chance to experience the warm, welcoming Aussie hospitality that's a specialty of the island nation.

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