Australia History

Modern Australia in an intriguing mix of Indigenous and European tradition. To more fully understand Australia culture, it is helpful to have as much info on the unique history of Australia as possible.

Australia is home to two indigenous peoples- the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples, and there is evidence of their presence in Australia for at least the last 600,000 years. Interestingly, there were hundreds of different languages spoken by these native tribes, depending on which region of the continent they inhabited. Although European settlements were to have the most profound influence over the area, Asian and Oceanic traders were in contact with the Indigenous peoples for many hundreds of years before Europeans ever arrived. Indigenous Australian traditions and religious beliefs practiced by the few remaining Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders incorporate a profound respect and reverence for the land and surrounding environment.

The impact on indigenous peoples by the arrival of Europeans in 1788 was catastrophic. Foreign disease and land disputes wiped out and displaced most of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Australia culture underwent a major change at this time, when, following the American War of Independence, Britain replaced the lost colonies in the Americas by attempting to settle Australia. Originally, Britain used the country of Australia and, most specifically, the city of Sydney, as a penal settlement. Half of the travelers aboard the first 11 ships to leave England were convicts, one of the Australia facts that travelers find most interesting.

In the years that followed, the transport of criminals waned and eventually completely ceased by 1901, when the Australian colonies federated to become the Commonwealth of Australia. Although Australia is now a democratic and fully independent nation, Australia culture still honors and holds the monarch of Great Britain.

Today, immigration continues to play an important role in the Australia culture. Since the second world war, over six million people have traveled to Australia to stay, and migrants make up over one quarter of the total population. Each year, the Australian government sets a new limit for the number of people who may immigrate in that particular year. The government holds a policy of non-discrimination practices.

The history of Australia is both fascinating and unique, and Australia facts tend to be quite interesting. Australian traditions continue to blend ancient Indigenous practices with holidays akin to those celebrated in England today, such as the Queen's birthday, which is still a main Australian tradition. Further info on Australia is readily available in various archives.

Today, Australia facts have taken a modern and democratic turn. Fines are imposed upon Australians who do not vote or wear their seatbelt. Public school children in Australia still wear school uniforms, nation wide, and the old adage about Australia is true- there really are nine sheep for every one person. Info on Australia and the Australia culture is unique, and learning a bit about the history of Australia will certainly enrich your stay.

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