Kuranda Skyrail

The Kuranda Skyrail has won multiple awards since opening in 1995, and it consistently ranks high among the very best Australia tourist attractions. Heavily linked to the city of Cairns, this scenic cableway takes guests on a journey that they won’t soon forget. The cable cars glide just feet above the canopy of a World Heritage listed rainforest, and there is plenty to see along the way.

After boarding a six-person gondola cabin, Kuranda Skyrail passengers begin their four and a half mile ride over Barron Gorge National Park. Since the comfortable cabins stay close to the rainforest canopy, riders feel as if they are truly immersed in the rainforest environment. Along the way, stops are made at the mid-stations of Red Peak and Barron Falls. At these stations, Skyrail riders takes strolls along rainforest boardwalks and learn about the rainforest environment from park rangers. There’s also the option to take in savory views from scenic look-outs, and the Barron Falls Station is home to the wonderful Rainforest Interpretation Centre.

There are a total of four Kuranda Skyrail stations. Most people begin their journeys at the Caravonica Terminal, which is situated in the Cairns suburb of Caravonica. The Red Peak Station is the next stop, and then it is on to the Barron Falls Station. After riders enjoy the attractions at the Barron Falls Station, it is a relatively short ride to the Kuranda Terminal. As the name implies, the Kuranda Terminal calls the rainforest village of Kuranda home.

Anyone who is interested in treating themselves to the Skyrail Cairns experience should know that it is possible to enjoy both one-way trips and round trips. The ride from Cairns to Kuranda takes approximately 90 minutes, while the trip from Kuranda to Cairns takes about two and a half hours. As for the price, it depends on the tour that patrons choose to go with. The more expensive tours include all the necessary transportation and at least one other fun experience. Skyrail runs a regular coach transfer service from many of the Cairns hotels. There are similar coach transfer options from hotels that are found in several of the north Cairns beach communities and from hotels in the Port Douglas area.

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