Melbourne Australia

Melbourne Australia has little in common with some of Australia's other major cities, which started as prison settlements. A group of European settlers formed Melbourne when they broke away form New South Wales to start their own city. Rather then the hackneyed trails slashed through the brush, as in Sydney, the city of Melbourne Australia was carefully planned from the beginning. Travelers will find the Melbourne of today well organized, with plenty of room for parks and aptly named roads. In fact, the original grid for the city was laid out in 1837, and, while Melbourne has certainly expanded since that time, the general blueprint remains consistent.


Melbourne is a fully modern city, with plenty to see and do. Melbourne tourist attractions include scores of both quaint and classy bars, as well as tasty restaurants with cuisine from around the world. One of the most popular places to visit in Melbourne is Melbourne Central. Melbourne Central is an expansive group of over 200 shops and cafes, with restaurants and great shopping. This is an ideal place to pick up souvenir, or even do some personal shopping, and is certainly the premier shopping center in Melbourne and one of the top Melbourne tourist attractions. If you plan to shop and eat, you'll likely need some form of transportation. As a city, Melbourne Australia is currently working to move toward relying more heavily on public transportation, as well as biking, and encourages local citizens as well as tourists to use a bus or a train whenever possible. Commuter trains, rental bikes, and bus service is available throughout the city and is often more convenient then a car, especially as a tourist.

Traveling through Melbourne, a walking or bus tour is also a great idea. Melbourne is home to quite a range of historical Victorian architecture, as well as the St James Old Cathedral, which is a popular Melbourne tourist attractions worth touring if you are in the area.

Another of the popular places to visit in Melbourne is the Melbourne International Film Festival, held each year between July and August, during the Australian winter. Touted as one of the most comprehensive international film festivals in the world, the Melbourne Film Festival brings in a diverse group of international films each year. Passes to the film festival can be purchased for a single day, or a week of movie viewing.

One of the most famous places to visit in Melbourne is the Melbourne Cricket Ground, home to cricket matches and Australian Rules Football. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is a great place to see your favorite sports live, or possibly experience Australian Rules Football for the first time. In 2006, the Melbourne Cricket Ground hosted the Commonwealth Games, much to the pride of Melbourne inhabitants. Sometimes referred to as the, "G", the Melbourne Cricket Ground also holds the world record for the world's tallest light towers.

No matter how much time you have to spend in Melbourne Australia, the city is one of Australia's finest, and offers a great chance to tour, relax, or take in some great entertainment.

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