Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket Ground MCG - Early History

The Melbourne Cricket Club was first established in November of 1838, and played its first match against a military team at a location that was then on the outskirts of the city of Melbourne. After moving their facilities to many different locations throughout the year, the Melbourne Cricket Club currently holds games at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, a stadium located in Melbourne near Yarra Park. The stadium holds about 100,000 people, and is no longer home to just cricket games. Australian Rules football, as well as boxing matches and rugby also take place within the impressive stadium. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is often referred to simply as the "G" and currently holds the world record for the highest light poles in a stadium.

Melbourne Cricket Ground MCG - Cricket Ground Melbourne Night

With its towering lights, the Cricket Ground Melbourne Night makes a great place to catch some after-hours entertainment. Despite the fact that it holds the word cricket in its name, the current stadium is most often used for Australian Rules football, as well as a host of other events. Quite often, football games, also called, "footy" by the locals, are played at night. Cricket Ground Melbourne night time activities make for a fun, relaxing way to enjoy a beer and take in a game after a long day spent sightseeing in Melbourne.

Melbourne Cricket Ground MCG - Transportation

Getting to the MCG is generally convenient, as the city of Melbourne offers a wide array of travel options. Near the stadium, you'll find two handily located train stations, the Jollimont and the Richmond, neither more then a fifteen minute walk to the stadium itself. There is also an array of inner city trams that makes stops near the MCG, as well as a bus stop right near the front entrance. Buses generally offer the least expensive way to get to the stadium, depending on where you are traveling from. Along the way, you can even do some sightseeing in Melbourne.

Melbourne Cricket Ground MCG - Dining

Interestingly, the Melbourne Cricket Ground is located right near the heart of downtown Melbourne. In addition to making transportation convenient and generally hassle free, the location also gives stadium goers a chance to dine downtown. Restaurant options around the cricket grounds are plentiful, offering everything from a quick bite to a sit down meal. Less then fifteen minutes away is Melbourne Central, one of the premier shopping and dining areas in the city of Melbourne.

If you're interested in taking home a souvenir, you'll also want to check out the MCG gift shop. Nearby stores offer a wide array of shirts and sporting paraphernalia. Even if you don't choose to attend and event at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, it's general location makes it a great historical stop when sightseeing in Melbourne.

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