Perth Australia

Perth Australia is the capital of Perth Western Australia. Perth is said to have the highest number of sunny days out of a given year of any of Australia's major cities. With all those sunny days, a stay at one of the Perth hotels becomes a must to enjoy all the city has to offer. In the early 1800s, Australian colonies experienced a labor shortage. The city of Perth Australia was founded along the banks of the Swan River officially in 1829, as settlers arrived to fill the labor shortage. A large number of Perth's major buildings were built by convicts and other settlers, and the British Government eventually agreed to found the colony as the first free colony in the new state.

Perth Western Australia is home to many popular beaches, including, Cottesloe, Swanbourne, and Scarborough. Cottlesloe is a great beach for families, with quaint shops and cafes within easy reach. Swanbourne is an excellent place for surfing and body boarding, with some of the best waves along the Perth Western Australia coast. Travelers from out of town should note, however, that Swanbourne is also a nude beach, and beach patrons are expected to go without clothing. Scarborough beach provides a more traditional family experience. Life savers patrol the beach during the day, and the absence of rock and coral reef make this an excellent beach for small children. Nearby, travelers can also enjoy a taste from a local café, or peruse local gift shops. Perth tourism accounts for most of the city's economy.

Another popular Perth attraction is the Perth Zoo. Touted as one of the most diverse zoos in the Southern Hemisphere, the Perth Zoo almost always has something new to see. The zoo is open year round, and entrance fees vary depending on the day and time of year. Once the entrance fee has been paid, however, the zoo offers free bbq throughout, in addition to shops and cafes with food for purchase. This Perth attraction is an excellent way to spend a day without spending a lot of money.

When visiting Perth, you might also take an afternoon to check out Fremantle, the Old Port city located about fifteen minutes southwest of Perth Australia. Freemantle is home to the Maritime Museum and Shipwrecks Gallery. This museum is one of the largest of its kind, and captures pictures and information about ships and shipwrecks from around the area and world. The city of Perth, and Perth tourism lists this as one of the best things to see in Perth.

Another of the popular Perth attractions is King's Park. King's Park is located in the middle of the city, and on a clear spring day bursts with flowers and beauty. Although Perth tourism can be heavy during the spring and summer months, a visit to this lovely park is well worth the trip.

Perth Australia travel within and around the city is quite convenient. Perth offers an excellent commuter train system, as well as a network of taxis services and buses. Double-decker bus city tours are also a nice way to tour the city at your own pace- a day pass will allow you to hop on and off as you please, and you can even book spots on these tour buses in advance. Whatever you plan to do with your time in Perth Australia, taking in all that Perth has to offer is sure to be enjoyable.

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