Airport in Perth

The airport in Perth is one of the top five busiest airports in Australia. This has something to do with the fact that Perth is the largest city in the Western Australia region. Passenger numbers for the Perth Airport have been on the rise in recent years especially, and redevelopment projects aim to keep up with the growing demand.

The Perth Airport calls the aptly-named suburb of Perth Airport home. Downtown Perth sits approximately seven and a half miles to the southwest, so air travelers who are trying to get to the city don’t have to waste a ton of time in transit. The airport itself estimates that it takes approximately 35 minutes to get to the city from the International Terminal, while the trip into town from the Domestic Terminals usually takes around 25 minutes. Ground transportation options include shuttles, taxis, rental cars, and busses.

The airport in Perth is served by a number of airlines, and there are plenty of domestic and international flight options to select from. There are certainly plenty of flights to Perth that originate out of other major Australian cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne. On the international front, the numerous cities that are linked to Perth via air travel include Auckland, Hong Kong, and Johannesburg.

Regardless of where they are coming from or where they are going, air travelers who find themselves with time to spare at the Perth Airport can take advantage of the airport’s traveler amenities. These amenities include shops, restaurants, ATMs, restrooms, showers, a playground, and special "parenting rooms" for those who are traveling with younger children. As for internet access, Wi-Fi is available in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, and free internet booths are found in all three terminals.

Image: Hengest (flickr)
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