Rainforest Tours

Daintree Rainforest tours are recommended for those who wish to get the most out of their visits to the largest continual tract of tropical rainforest in Australia. After all, it can be difficult to fully appreciate the area’s rich array of flora and fauna without the help of a guide. Of course, there is nothing wrong with exploring the lush terrain of Daintree on your own, but unless you are very knowledgeable about the environs, certain things might go unnoticed.

Cairns, the Northern Beaches communities, and Port Douglas are popular places to visit in Australia’s Northern Queensland region. They are also good places to arrange tours that target the Daintree Rainforest. On these tours, guests can engage in a variety of fun activities, such as hiking, riding around hard-to-reach areas in a 4-wheel-drive vehicle, strolling along Cape Trib Beach, and taking to the coastal waters in a kayak. It’s even possible to venture out to the Great Barrier Reef for some underwater exploration on Daintree Rainforest tours. Sightseeing is at the heart of most of the tours, regardless of the activities that they include, and there are special night tours that put the greater focus on wildlife viewing. The nighttime hours are when most of the Daintree animals are active.

There are Daintree Rainforest tours to fit a wide variety of preferences. Some last a half day, while others cover multiple days and include accommodations at Cape Tribulation. A meal or meals are often provided, as is transportation, so there is usually very little for the tour guest to worry about. As for those who wish to take their own tours of the Daintree environs, the roads leading in from Cairns and Port Douglas are reliable all the up to the Cape Tribulation beach area. After that, the clay-based roads are really only suitable for 4-wheel-drive vehicles.

As a side note, self-drive audio guides are available for Daintree visitors who wish to drive through the tropical area on their own. Among other things, these tour packets feature a commentary CD, an informative map, and both plant and animal guides. A good place to find them is Port Douglas.



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