Scuba Diving in Australia

Scuba diving in Australia is an incredibly popular activity for many locals and tourists alike, and Australia is one of the most renowned places to dive in the world. Whether you are a seasoned professional, or have never experienced scuba diving in your life, there are plenty of scuba diving options and great Australia scuba diving resorts. Australia is home to a myriad of gorgeous beaches. From Bondi Beach, to the Great Barrier Reef, to a score of other great locations, scuba diving in Australia is a rare treat.

Many companies operate exceptional scuba diving schools in Australia with a range of classes for varying abilities. To dive on your own, you must become a certified diver. This is generally done through a series of classes during which you will be diving with trained professional. The classes are quite a lot of fun, and though you'll be learning, this is still a great way to participate in diving Australia. One of the most popular ways to experience scuba diving in Australia is through a multiple day tour. If you'll be diving for the first time, a two or three day tour will provide a chance to spend some time practicing your new found Australia diving skills, after you've taken the classes.

Probably the most renowned place for diving Australia is the Great Barrier Reef. The reef spans over 2000 kilometers, and is made up of about 900 islands and 3000 coral reefs. Unlike anything else in the world, the Great Barrier reef is home to many diverse types of fish and underwater sea life, and offers the best in Australia diving. The Great Barrier Reef is located in Queensland, off the coast of Cairns.

There are also a number of great Australia scuba diving resorts. Due to the popularity of the Great Barrier Reef, many Australia scuba diving resorts are located in Cairns. The Radisson Plaza Hotel, Seagulls Resort, and the Trinity Beach Resort are a few of the more popular places to stay. Diving Australia has long been an incredibly fun and thrilling way to see Australia.

Sydney, Australia, also offers some great dives, and excellent Australia scuba diving resorts. Classes are available off the Sydney beaches as well, for all abilities. For those looking to take their diving to the next level, there are advanced open water courses available at Nelson Bay in Sydney, as well. These courses include more deep sea diving, and experienced patrons often have the chance to swim with sharks. For travelers looking to increase their ability, as well as make contact with other experienced divers, this is a great option.

Staying at one of the many Australia scuba diving resorts certainly doesn't mean you have to dive. However, for anyone making a trip to any of the many beaches in Australia, Australia diving can be an exhilarating chance to experience the ocean in a whole new way.

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