Suggested Itinerary Australia

With so much open space, putting together an Australia itinerary for your vacation can present some challenges. No matter how long you have to spend in Australia, reviewing a suggested Australia itinerary or two will greatly enhance your travel plans. As two of the largest cities in Australia, both Perth in Western Australia and Sydney in eastern Australia can be excellent choices.

Suggested itineraries for Perth:

1-3 Days

With only a day or two to spend in Perth, be sure to schedule an early wake-up call. Perth is literally full of activity, and with more then 300 days per year of sunshine, guests have a good chance of catching Perth at its best any time of the year. The Perth Zoo is a must see if you have only a short time in the city. You'll have the chance to see koalas, kangaroos, and plenty of other Australian wildlife at the Perth Zoo. The zoo is open daily from 9am to 5pm, and you will be able to see much of the zoo in one afternoon.

You might also spend the morning shopping in downtown Perth at the Hay Street mall. Here, you will have the chance to see the vibrancy of the city and possibly find a souvenir as well. While you are downtown, stop in for lunch or dinner at one of the excellent seafood restaurants or hip cafes to take in the full flavor of Perth.

4-7 Days

Suggested itineraries for Perth if you have 4-7 days to spend in the city should certainly include a trip to the zoo as well as downtown. With more time, however, you will also be able to enjoy more of the city's active pursuits. One popular way to see the city is by renting a bike (you'll find them for rent at many hotels and most bike shops) and getting on the network of bike trails that run through the city of Perth and beyond. You will see the Swan River, Kings Park, Fremantle, and even most of the beaches in Perth.

You will also want to spend a day at the beach. Shopping and lounging is perfectly acceptable, or for a little more adventure, you can also plan a day of snorkeling, scuba diving, or surfing.

7+ Days

Suggested itineraries for Perth if you have more than a week should include everything mentioned above. In addition, you will have time for a tour and some additional site seeing. An oceanic cruise can be a lot of fun. Many cruise companies offer dinner, luncheon, and sunset cruises along the Swan River, with plenty of sightseeing along the way. You will also want to spend time viewing the Aquarium of Western Australia, one of the most unique aquariums in the world. Kings Park and Botanical Garden makes for an excellent walk, and the Art Gallery of Western Australia in Perth showcases a nice mix of modern and indigenous art pieces.

Suggested itineraries for Sydney:

1-3 Days

Fitting everything in to one or two days can be difficult in Sydney, but there are some iconic attractions you won"t want to miss. Schedule time to either tour the Sydney Opera House or, if you have time, take in a show. The Opera House features shows throughout the year, as well as daily tours, and this architectural wonder is worth seeing for any visitor to Sydney. You will also want to make time to see the Harbour Bridge. For a small fee, you can climb the arch. From the top of the bridge, you"ll be rewarded with stunning views of the city and water. Take time to eat out in one of the fabulous seafood restaurants along the water in Sydney. You will find many open for lunch and dinner.

4-7 Days

Your suggested itineraries for Sydney with multiple days to spend in the city should also include a trip to the Taronga Zoo. You can see most of the zoo in an afternoon, so this is a great activity that won"t take up an entire day. The zoo offers some fabulous exhibits, including a chimpanzee exhibit and a nocturnal house showcasing some adorable nighttime marsupials. You may also choose to spend an afternoon touring the Royal Botanic Gardens located near the Sydney Opera House. You can also spend a day shopping in Sydney. The Sydney Fishmarket is a great place to start, with unique seafood and excellent fresh choices. After the fish market, you can head downtown to the posh gift and clothing shops.

7+ Days

With so much to do in the city, suggested itineraries for Sydney travelers with more than a week are the most popular. Be sure to include all of the activities listed above. In addition, you"ll have time for a harbor cruise. You can take a morning cruise or the popular Evening Harbour Lights Tour, which tours the entirety of Sydney Harbour. You might also spend a day biking through the city. Sydney has excellent bike trails and renting a bicycle can be a fun way to see the city and the sites. You will also want to spend at least one day, if not more, at the beach. Bondi Beach and Manly Beach are the most popular, and everything from surfing to snorkeling to swimming can be enjoyed at the beach.

So, whether you"ll be in Sydney or Perth, you"ll have a chance to experience the beaches and beauty that characterize Australia. Shopping, dining, and active outdoor pursuits can be found in either area, and travelers will want to be sure and leave time to enjoy as much of Australia as they can.

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