Sydney Beaches

Sydney beaches are in abundant supply, and you can bet that they figure among the top regional attractions during the December through February summer season. You'll find Sydney-area beaches in the city's harbors, at various bays, and along some of the more predominant rivers. There are also plenty of enticing strips of sand along the Pacific Ocean coastline, as you might imagine. The majority of the city beaches, such as those that can be found in the popular suburb of Manly, feature lifeguards during the peak season. You'll also find that many of the city beaches advertise the safest places to swim. The Sydney beaches can have strong riptides, so swimming in the right spots is recommended. Red and yellow flags designate the safer swimming areas.

The best beaches in Sydney can be found in a number of different destinations. On the Sydney Harbour North Shore, the Manly beaches figure among the best places to swim, sunbathe, and relax. The main ocean beach in Manly can be reached via the pedestrian-only area of Corso. Heading to the south side of the harbor, visitors will find more of the best Sydney beaches. These beaches include Bondi Beach, which is the most popular beach near Sydney. Bondi Beach exudes a kind of Californian appeal and is often named among the best beaches in the world by those in the know. A variety of hotels and restaurants are close to the sand should you be looking to take advantage of them. The same can be said in Manly.

Sydney Beaches
Sydney Beaches

To the south of Sydney Harbour, other beaches that are worth keeping on the radar are Coogee Beach and Cronulla Beach. These beaches offer pleasant atmospheres and are usually ideal for swimming. If you want to do some surfing, however, you might head to the beaches that are found north of the city along the ocean. Among the most popular surfing beaches in this region are Curl Curl, Mona Vale, and Avalon, just to name a few. Sydney area surfing is definitely known for its quality, and there are plenty of good surf schools in the region that can help beginners develop their skills.

As a side note, there are some topless beaches in Sydney should you be wondering. In fact, some of the beaches in the area allow for complete nudity. In general, however, nudity is frowned upon at the Sydney beaches, and most people who need to change into their swimsuit use available changing rooms. These rooms can cost money to use, though the prices are relatively reasonable. Should you be interested in visiting one of the nude beaches in Sydney, two of the most renowned are the beach at Lady Jane Bay, Obelisk Beach, and Cobblers Beach.

Also, while spending time on the Sydney beaches, you might find yourself wondering about the shark situation. Sharks are found in good supply off the southeastern Australia coast, though rare is the inshore spotting. Some of the best beaches in Sydney, such as the beach at the Manly ferry wharf, have installed permanent shark nets, while others have portable nets in place as needed. Other creatures that are commonly found off Sydney's beaches are small blue jellyfish that are commonly referred to as "stingers." These jellyfish are usually found near shore when strong breezes are blowing in. More often than not, swimmers are stung by stinging cells that break off of the jellyfishes rather than by the actual jellyfish, and the result is a relatively minor stinging or itching sensation.

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