Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are a scenic mountain range that can be found near the vibrant city of Sydney. The foothills for this region begin just 30 miles west of the big city, and the highest heights top out at almost 4,000 feet above sea level. Sandstone plateaus dominate the skyline in the Blue Mountains region, and these plateaus are dissected by picturesque gorges that can be almost 2,500 feet deep. There is more to this region than sandstone plateaus and gorges, however. A large portion of the region is part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Site, and this has a lot to do with its rich eucalyptus vegetation. Rainforests make up some of the terrain, and visitors who do some extensive exploring can also expect to stumble upon canyons and heathlands that have been largely shaped by the wind.

Blue Mountains Australia tours are very popular, and there are numerous ones to choose from. Many visitors who are up for some Blue Mountains hiking arrange a bushwalking tour. You can also delve into the Jenolan Caves with a guide to get a look at some of the oldest and best caves in the world. Other Blue Mountains Australia tours can see you doing some canyoning, taking a fun 4WD excursion, climbing stunning rock formations, and mountain biking. Perhaps you'll be interested in taking things further and enjoying a multi-day safari camp, or maybe hopping on a Harley and winding your way around the region for a few hours will be a tour that suits your fancy. The Blue Mountains tour options are numerous, so you should have little trouble finding one that suits your taste and preference.

You don't have to book a tour to enjoy your visit to the Blue Mountains. Many visitors head for the Scenic World Blue Mountains attraction, which can be found in the popular tourist town of Katoomba. At Scenic World Blue Mountains, you can take a 2,360-foot ride on a glass bottom cable car. The views are amazing. When you're not riding on a cable car and taking in the scenery, you can descend more than 880 feet into a cliff side on one of the steepest railways in the world. When some easy Blue Mountains hiking is what you're after, then walking along the paved boardwalk at Scenic World Blue Mountains is worth adding to the itinerary. This boardwalk is more than a mile long and passes through lush rainforest.

There are numerous ways to spend your time while traveling through the Blue Mountains of Australia. Some visitors to the region include a stop at the Mount Tomah Botanic Garden on the itinerary, and no visit would arguably be complete without pondering the view at Echo Point. The Mount Tomah Botanic Garden is a cool-climate extension of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney proper. Echo Point, on the other hand, is an overlook spot that can be found in Katoomba. Some of the best Blue Mountains views can be enjoyed at Echo Point, and there are bushwalk trails that begin there if you want to do some hiking. One of the trails leads to Scenic World. While in Katoomba, you might also venture over to Edge Cinemas. This theater offers multiple daily screenings of a movie that takes viewers on a spectacular tour through the Blue Mountains wilderness.

The hotels in Sydney offer proximity to the Blue Mountains region. Those who are interested in hotels near the Blue Mountains can also consider the area's other lodging options. The accommodations in and around the region include upscale resorts such as the Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa and the Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort and Spa. There are also bed and breakfast establishments like the well-priced Fairway Lodge, and if you are a fan of boutique hotels, the Echoes Boutique Hotel and Restaurant in Katoomba might just be an ideal fit. Self-contained cottages, cabins, apartments, and lodges can also be found in the general area, and you can always try to claim a camping spot at caravan parks such as the Jenolan Caravan Park or the Jenolan Caravan Park.

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